09.12.16 - Pagani Huayra BC

For a car company that’s been around for sixteen years to still be relatively unknown might sound like it should spell doom and deletion from the market, but not if that company is Pagani. This Italian automotive company is the brand that’s built some of the most exclusive cars in the world and every single time they offer a new version of any model they’re gobbled up like a kid with jellybeans at Easter. Most likely these cars are sold this fast because those few who can actually afford them want to make sure they get hold of one before they’re all gone considering the company has only built about 300 cars in the sixteen years it’s been in business.

Exclusivity alone isn’t enough to make a car company, especially one that’s as small a boutique as Pagani, successful. If there were only 300 Mitsubishi Mirage’s made over the course of the same time period its likely many in the automotive industry would breathe a sigh of relief, but that’s not the case. The quality craftsmanship of Pagani shows with every detail on each car it produces which is a quality and singular build that can only be beaten by the likes of Rolls-Royce. Even though the mission of Pagani isn’t to build opulent cars, that’s Rolls-Royce’s job, they do hand craft each vehicle to be some of the most expensive and expertly built vehicles on the planet.

The latest offering from Pagani is the Huayra BC which is a car you wouldn’t be able to purchase even if you wanted one and had the money for it. Not only does this car come with a price tag of $2.5 million but it comes in a limited supply of only 20 being built and all of them have already been spoken for.

Before Pagani began building the most difficult to pronounce vehicle on the market, the Huayra, they produced the Zonda which was offered in coupe, convertible and the R edition which was made to be used on the track. The company is located in Modena, Italy and the vehicles produced spare no expense in the craftsmanship.

Currently the “base” model of the Huayra is nearing the end of production of the 100 coupes that were to be built which is why we see this special edition BC model being offered. The BC stands for Benny Caiola who was the first Pagani customer and became a friend and an inspiration for Horacio Pagani, the owner of the company. Once the coupe has finished production a convertible version of the Huayra is expected to be built which may have a limited version as well.

Looking at the BC the power for this car comes from the 6.0-liter twin turbocharged V12 that is sourced from Mercedes-AMG. This engine can produce over 800 horsepower and more than 800 lb.-ft. of torque while being mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. The overall weight of the car comes in at only 2,756 pounds which is down from the standard coupe that weighs in at 2,980 pounds. With this power and the lower weight the car can reach sixty mph in less than three seconds and can reach a top speed of 238 mph.

The use of the aerodynamics on this car shows up on every surface to give you a car that’s perfect for the drive. This isn’t a car that’s made for long road trips, unless you don’t mind not having a stereo installed in the car. This is a car that makes sense on the track to make some fast laps, but is also street legal for you to drive when you want to enjoy the ride.

Not only is this a car that would be a lot of fun to drive, unfortunately most of us won’t be able to, but the man the car is named after passed away in 2010 and is the perfect way for Pagani to pay homage to the man who inspired the brand. While most of us will never get to play around and enjoy the drive of one of these high priced, high powered and super exclusive machines, we can certainly enjoy the look and admire the reason and way this car makes a name for itself. You can learn more about this car by watching this video.

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