01.06.16 - Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept

The future just might be Faraday Future which has shown us a few videos of their concept of what cars should be and might be as we move forward.  The interesting part is the company has largely been quiet about what it has been doing other than working to create an app-powered network of driving service cars and poaching employees from Tesla.  The recent excepts from Faraday show us that they may be working on more than just a fleet of car services that could be called up with an app.  the recent twitter video released shows us a car that is obviously ca carbon fiber covered sports car.

Considering the idea of what we are supposed to expect from Faraday the sports car is one that we might not look for, but if they can pull off an electric powered sports car that might just put Tesla on its heels and have Elon Musk scrambling to create one of his own.  Even if Faraday doesn’t develop a sports car, the world the company speaks of and has shown us in its own promotional videos already give us an idea of car use that makes a fantastic opportunity for all of us.

Can you imagine not owning your car?  Instead of owning you simply use a service that doesn’t have a driver in the front seat and you hop in the back to have a ride where you need to go.  Away with the car payments, insurance payments and gas pumping; pay a monthly fee and use the cars as much or as little as you like.  For many of us this would be an enticing and exciting opportunity and if the entire fleet was made of electric cars that would give us a difference in the noise and air pollutants that you would put into the atmosphere.

Of course this is an ideal world situation and may not be a possible as you might think, at least not right away.  Currently we do have Uber and we have taxi cabs and public transportation which makes this a certain possibility, but having a fleet of driverless cars would lead to a great deal of government legislation and intervention.  This may be why we see Faraday Futures working on a sports car to start their offering of electric vehicles as high powered super speed machines that will take our imagination and have a great time playing with them.

No matter what Faraday brings, they are unveiling their new offerings at the Consumer Electronics Show which is already underway.  The app-driven network of self-driving cars that are made to be at our beck and call is certainly several years away before we will be able to enjoy making use of this network, but it seems like this could be the wave of the future of car buying.  There will probably always be those of us who want to drive ourselves and may not want to enter the cost of this venture, but I can see this becoming a possibility in the future and one that we all want to enjoy.

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