11.22.16 - Hot Wheels Collection

When you were a kid playing with Hot Wheels cars may have been fun for you to do for a few years and now that you’re an adult sharing them with your own children is a lot of fun still. For most of us the toys we played with as kids were something we outgrew as we got older and eventually the Hot Wheels cars were sold at a yard sale or smashed up in our teenage and destructive years. Looking back, many of us would love to have a collection of cars like what Bruce Pascall has collected.

Bruce began collecting his Hot Wheels cars when he was seven and his parents brought some home for him. Since that day he was hooked and he works to keep his collection in pristine shape but he does get them out and play with them on a regular basis. An adult that plays with Hot Wheels by himself must be someone that’s living at home with his parents and resides in the basement right? There must be something wrong with this guy that he keeps on playing with his toys right?

Wrong on both accounts, by watching the video you can see that Bruce is a highly successful professional who simply loves his Hot Wheels cars. He loves to show off his collection and eve admits to having his office built in this new home he’s in to look like a place that the president of Mattel would love to be. His collection is comprised of over 3,500 Hot Wheels cars and it’s valued at over a million dollars, at least that’s how much he has it insured for to make sure he has the protection he needs to keep his hobby safe.

One of the rarest cars in his collection, and the one that’s the most valuable, is a VW bus that has a pair of surf boards out the back and a sunroof on top. This car alone is valued at over $100,000 and is a rare find because very few have survived and this one is painted in pink. The story behind this car is that it was an attempt by Mattel to sell Hot Wheels cars to girls. Unfortunately for many of these pink VW bus cars the boys bought them and many boys destroyed them because they didn’t want a pink car.

Bruce even has a website, Redline Protos, in which he describes his impressive collection and goes through some of the artwork and detail of the cars. This is obviously a passion of his and he’s expressed an interest in bringing his collection together with the most valuable collection of Barbie dolls. This would be a way to honor the couple that created these toys, the husband created the most famous boys toy ever and the wife created the most famous girls toy ever. Check out the video and sit in awe at this amazing collection of Hot Wheels cars.

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