Getting a Better Look at the New BMW Z4

Getting a Better Look at the New BMW Z4

We’ve been waiting for a few years for the project that was a collaboration between BMW and Toyota to come to fruition. This project is expected to offer us a pair of sports cars from each brand that both have their own personality in keeping with each brand while giving something that each company had to offer to both sports cars. The first to arrive on the scene will be the new BMW Z4 with the Toyota Supra model to follow. With that in mind, we finally get to see and learn more about what the Z4 has to offer.

Showing up and Showing Off

The concept version of this new car was offered for our review last year at Pebble Beach but this year we get to see the limited BMW Z4 M40i First Edition. The model that arrived at the Monterey Car Week festivities was painted in a beautiful Frozen Orange Metallic paint with a dark electrically operated soft top. This car rides on 19-inch wheels that have the M performance brakes to give this car the stopping power needed. There are several high gloss black accents to give the visual delight you’ll be certain to enjoy.

We Want to See More and We Did

The previously mentioned items were things we saw when the concept version of this car arrived, but now that we’re seeing the production model, it’s time to see more of what this car brings for the drive. Under the hood of this new Z4 is a six-cylinder engine that’s capable of pumping out 340 horsepower and giving the car the ability to sprint to sixty mph in less than 4.6 seconds. We might be looking for more power, but we need to take this car out on the roads before we ask for more under the hood.The engine is attached to an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission and there’s also electronically controlled dampers and an electronically controlled differential to give this car the performance you’re going to love. This is easily one of the most balanced cars in the world with a full 50/50 weight distribution, which makes this a car that’s right for tossing around on the road for the fun you want to experience when you drive. This new Z4 could easily be one of the most fun BMW models ever built and it could be what you’re looking for.

More Details are Coming

Even though we don’t have more details to share right now, this information does give you an idea of what this impressive car has to share with you. Next month, at the Paris Motor Show, we’re going to learn more and have a much better understanding of how this car will carry on as one of the many “Ultimate Driving Machines” that can make this car a lot of fun on the road. Check out the video below and get excited by what the Z4 has to offer as we look forward to next month.


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