01.18.17 - Faraday Future FF 91 - 2

As a bold electric car company that’s building a brand new facility in the Nevada desert Faraday Future has successfully brought a super racing car concept to our view, but only teased at what the next car would be. Until recently all we had seen were silhouettes and possibilities of what the car would look like, but this team was expected to reveal their new concept car, which has already entered production, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, just a few miles from the new Faraday Future facility.

In this video, which is probably too long for anyone to watch all the way through, Faraday Future seemed to have some trouble getting the new concept car, the FF 91 to actually perform on stage the way it was supposed to. Even though the car at the show didn’t quite perform up to speed, the presenters did a masterful job of explaining what this new car is and how it could behave and fit right into your lifestyle. No doubt, the FF 91 is a car that’s looking to be a Tesla killer that will actually take on the likes of Tesla, but maybe they have gotten ahead of themselves.

This new flagship electric car is said to be able to hit sixty mph in only 2.39 seconds to make it the quickest car in the world, but just barely. This number has yet to be confirmed but the other benefits of this car are the clean lines, the futuristic look, the integrated way you can enjoy the car by simply touching it and having all your data from your smartphone instantly accessed inside the car. This car is one that is made to offer autonomous items such as self-parking and taking short trips to the store without you ever having to touch the wheel.

During this long video, the FF 91 didn’t behave properly at all around the one hour and twelve minute mark. Even so, the team worked to capture the moment and make sure those in attendance would be impressed by the car on the stage. What makes things worse for Faraday Future is the fact this car is already in production and without a successful presentation of the car on stage where you would think they need to have success in order to make a huge difference in the market and gain the preorders they need.

Why does Faraday Future need the influx of cash from preorders? They have already fallen behind on payments of their production facility and have to stop construction for now. Having a huge failure on stage during the big reveal could either spell certain doom for the company or it could mean they need to take a step back and show this car again at the next possible show. Will Faraday Future have a future in the automotive industry? Only if they can raise the money needed to get the job done which doesn’t seem too likely right now.

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