Ford is interested in power

Ford is interested in power

If you look at the Ford lineup it should be evident from the star this brand has a serious interest in power. While you might normally think of power and visualize a vehicle that gets out on the track and rips of fast laps, and Ford has that with the GT and the Mustang, what Ford is interested in when it comes to power is hybrid power. In the past, the hybrid powertrains offered by this brand have worn the name EcoBoost to give us the added complement of performance and power desired, but now that is changing.

Because hybrid models are now being looked at for more than just an increase in the fuel mileage as a result of using smaller engines, a battery pack, regenerative braking, and aerodynamics make hybrid models capable of handling the performance needed. Even though Ford has offered us the EcoBoost models for several years with turbocharged models, the decision to offer this type of power in a pickup truck allows the brand to bring in what’s needed to make a truck that can be right for us to have in the future for the drive with the models from this brand.

How does Ford use power for the future?

Instead of calling the future Ford hybrid models EcoBoost the brand is ready to change the name to PowerBoost. They are serious enough about making this change that a patent was filed to allow this name to be used in the future. This will help make the next version of the Ford F-150 a truck that has the word power in the name, which might be enough to make you forget that this truck is one that will be perfect for you to have the drive you want to enjoy.
We’ll see more than just the pickup truck for the drive desired and the added benefit of the word power in the name. The plan from Ford is to offer us 13 new EV and hybrid models by 2020 with more to certainly follow after that. With the new filing for the term PowerBoost, we should see the end of EcoBoost in the near future with this term being the replacement that will ensure we can enjoy the drive and the added efficiency that makes sense for the drive we want to make, starting with the F-150 then possibly onto the Ford F-250 and other Super Duty models to follow.
This isn’t the first time Ford has stated they are getting ready to enter and have more models in the hybrid and EV lineup for the drive we want to experience on the road. They have been a leader in the market when it comes to turbocharged power with the EcoBoost models that showed up in a variety of models including the Mustang. Take the drive you’re looking for in a Ford model and you may have the term PowerBoost included to give you the drive you want and the efficiency you’re after when it’s time to get out on the roads in the near future.

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