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When you move around for work or to find a place that offers more recreation than what you had in the past, getting your roots again can be challenging. You have to make new friends and learn about the area which can be exciting and scary at the same time. While finding people that have similar interests to you can be a challenge, if you’re a car or motorcycle enthusiast you can take advantage of that love and turn it into a great group of new friends by joining up with a car club or motorcycle group for some fun.

If you move to New York City there are tons of activities you can take advantage of. As the “city that never sleeps” there’s always something going on, but that doesn’t always mean that something is an activity you want to participate in. When you do move either into or near this large city you can enjoy a variety of sporting events, theater activities, clubs, restaurants, museums, parks, zoos and much more to give you a wide variety of things to love, but if you are a car enthusiast you might think there’s nothing here for you except traffic and congestion.

That’s where you’d be wrong. There are some great car clubs and motorcycle clubs for you to take advantage of, join up with and make some great new friends. The Manhattan Classic Car Club is one that offers you a great place to either bring your classic ride or just come see what the members of the club have to offer. This club meets at the former NYPD horse stables near the Hudson River and gives you a great venue to enjoy some old cars and even drive a few. They have several events each year to keep you active and engaged and not all the events revolve around classic cars.

Of course if you love motorcycles you have to have a place where you can enjoy yours. The folks at Ryders Alley, which is across town from the Manhattan Classic Car Club, offer a great place for you to store and work on your bike. This club gives you like minded folks who want to enjoy the sounds, smell and feel of some great motorcycles while showing off at different events in the area. With this club you don’t have to keep your bike at home and you can ask some of the members for their advice on what you should do to improve your ride.

Car and motorcycle clubs are a great way to get to know some new people and join up with folks who are interested in the same things as you. No matter where you’re moving to there’s likely to be a club out there for the interests you have and most of them can be found online. This gives you a great way to get your roots put down once again and make some new friends quickly when you begin your life in a new place.

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