Driving Confidence: Exploring the Benefits of Volvo Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles

Are Volvo CPO vehicles a good choice? Volvo earned the Best Used Ownership Cost award for the second year in a row, showing this is a top-notch program.

When you want an award-winning CPO program to give you the peace of mind to enjoy a great vehicle at the right price, choose Volvo. IntelliChoice awarded the Volvo CPO program as one of the best for a second year, signifying this brand has one of the top programs in the industry. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle comes with many benefits you won’t find in regular used cars, which is why many shoppers turn to CPO models.

Why choose a CPO vehicle over a traditional used car?

When you’re ready to buy your next vehicle, you might want to choose one that’s a few years old. Traditional advice and logic say that after a few years, most of the vehicle depreciation has occurred. Still, buying a used vehicle comes with challenges. If you purchase a used car from a dealership, the best you can expect is short-term coverage for one to three months, which doesn’t provide long-term confidence in a vehicle. Thankfully, CPO vehicles change this for you.

Volvo CPO models are sold on the same dealer lots as the new cars, which means they’ve been reviewed and tested by the same mechanics trusted to service new vehicles. These cars must go through a series of inspections to ensure they qualify as CPO vehicles. Compared to traditional used cars, certified pre-owned vehicles cost a little more, but they are guaranteed to last with the CPO stamp of approval.

What vehicles qualify for CPO programs?

Before any vehicle receives the CPO certification, it must fit into specific criteria. The criteria depend on the automaker and the parameters set. For most automakers, this means vehicles that are six years old or newer and with less than 75,000 miles on the odometer. These vehicles also must have a clean vehicle history report, which means they haven’t been in an accident. These strict rules give automakers a good starting point to ensure the CPO models are the best options for the pre-owned vehicles offered.

Volvo CPO vehicles undergo extensive inspections

Every CPO program includes a comprehensive inspection. You won’t have to wonder when the vehicle last had an oil change or whether or not recalls have been handled. If a vehicle is given the CPO stamp of approval, it’s updated and ready to go. Volvo CPO vehicles undergo a 170-point inspection that covers every aspect of the vehicle. Once the model receives this inspection, it also receives a full service to ensure the new owner won’t need to worry about service for the first 5,000 miles.

Warranty coverage is a huge part of the program

Some certified pre-owned vehicles fall outside of the normal warranty coverage. This means a new owner won’t have the peace of mind to enjoy warranty coverage unless they buy an extended warranty or the vehicle is part of the CPO program. Thankfully, one of the most important aspects of any CPO program is the extended warranty offered. Volvo offers a 12-month, unlimited-mile warranty on top of the traditional basic warranty. This means Volvo models in the certified pre-owned program are covered for up to five years of driving.

You won’t be stuck on the side of the road

If you drive home in a used car that has no coverage or guarantees, every problem is now your problem. That means if it breaks down, you’re on the hook for any repairs and those costs. Thankfully, part of the Volvo CPO program is 24-hour roadside assistance during the extended warranty period. This makes it much easier to feel confident in driving a pre-owned Volvo. If you are stuck on the side of the road, you’ve got a team of experts to call that will come to your rescue and help you get back on the road quickly.

CPO vehicles strike the perfect balance

When you don’t want to pay higher prices and monthly payments for a new vehicle but you aren’t ready to inherit the problems of a used vehicle, a CPO model strikes the perfect balance. Vehicles that qualify as CPO models undergo comprehensive inspections, have low mileage figures, and have not been in accidents. Volvo CPO vehicles receive an extended warranty and several impressive benefits to make them easy to drive and trust on the roads.

If you’re looking for the right balance in the vehicle you want to drive, check out the selection of Volvo CPO models at your local dealership today.

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