Dodge Journey - Affordable Quality Driving from Dodge

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an affordable crossover SUV on the road, you need to consider the Dodge Journey and see what it offers.

This SUV gives you the size and roominess you’re looking for along with the ability to get you where you need to go. There’s plenty of cargo room, seating for seven people, and a boatload of extra for you to decide from. Whether you choose the base model or you add a few items to the Journey, you’re going to love the drive and the qualities of this SUV.

Can this Dodge Work for Your Family

Do you want to have a vehicle that will offer you the drive you’re looking for and the size you need for your family? Of course you do, and the Dodge Journey is the SUV that has everything you’re looking for. This vehicle gives you a spacious cabin to give you the ability to carry the gear you need and bring your family to the activities you want to enjoy. In addition to being an excellent family vehicle, the Dodge Journey has a fuel-efficient powertrain to give you the fuel savings you’re looking for.

Upgrades offered for the Dodge Journey

When you shop for the 2019 Dodge Journey you’re going to see that there are only three trim levels offered which are SE, Crossroad, and GT. The standard equipment has been redistributed with the SE adding more items including fog lights tri-zone climate controls, heated power-folding side mirrors, and LED rear lights. You’re going to be impressed with what the Journey has for you to have the drive you want and it will make sure you have the drive you’ve been after for your daily ride.

Flexibility and Power in this Dodge

The second and third rows of seats for the 2019 Dodge Journey fold flat to give you the cargo room you need to allow this SUV to be a flexible model that you can enjoy on the road. There’s also the choice of a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that will make the drive right for you and let you have the power you’re looking for. With the power of the engine and the roominess you’ll find, the Journey can haul you, your passengers, your gear, and be the SUV that transforms the way you need it to.

Driving Right with Dodge

If you’ve been looking at a variety of compact SUVs and haven’t looked at the 2019 Dodge Journey, it’s time that you did. This impressive SUV is one that allows you to have the driving experience you want and the features you’re looking for so that you can enjoy your ride on the road. Stop by and see your nearby Dodge dealership and let this SUV become the one that you take out on the road for a great ride. You will be happy to see you’ve found an SUV that meets all your needs with the size and drive you desire.

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