Why Your Dealer Needs a Blog

Why Your Dealer Needs a Blog

What is Blogging?

A blog is often a link to a separate page on a company’s website that features online articles. Blogs have grown in popularity over the last decade and are now almost included on a majority of new websites. It’s a platform where a company can showcase its personality and share more of what it wants its readers and customers to know about the company. Your dealer’s blog can be what you make it and at first, it does not need to be elaborate. It’s also a creative and fun way to provide your customers with helpful articles that can influence their buying decisions and help make them better car owners.

You Are the Expert

Establishing a blog for your dealership’s website will not only give you a boost in SEO, search engine optimization, but you’ll be setting your dealer apart from the competition by positioning yourself as the experts in automotive services and vehicle selection. Say you’re a Chevrolet dealer and you have all this knowledge on the proper vehicle maintenance for popular models. That’s information your customers and readers would love to know more about. Not everyone is a car expert, but you the dealer and your blog the place where you can show off a little and give your customers another reason to put their trust in you.  So whether you want to work it out in-house or hire an expert automotive digital marketing agency to get it done, you’ll be adding so much more value to your site.

Relevant Content

As a dealer, you may be wondering what type of content your customers: new and old may find worthwhile. There are so many automotive industry topics you can cover in your blog and you don’t have to feel pressured to share a new blog post every day like you would on your social media sites. You can share a new blog post once a week, once every two weeks or even once a month, and if you need help there are a number of automotive digital marketing agencies out there that are willing to go to bat.

Proper car care and maintenance is something all car owners should know more about, and especially new car owners who are looking to buy their first cars. You can share tips on the best cleaning solutions to use on the exterior and interior. You can write about leasing versus owning and the benefits of both. You can also write about your dealer specifically and share news regarding promotions. Take this blog opportunity to introduce your customers to key staff members, their background and how they help make your dealer the best it can be. It’s also a fantastic place to highlight personal testimonials from your loyal customers.

Attract New Customers

Your blog is a great place to advertise the latest models available at your dealer, which will draw more potential customers to your dealer’s site to explore your inventory, and many automotive digital marketing agencies would agree.  Alternatively, customers could stumble upon your blog by chance and then browse your inventory. A customer could be Googling the best way to clean leather interiors and click on your blog post all about cleaning leather interiors. After reading it and feeling confident about finding an answer to their question, they may be more inclined to visit your site and see what new models are available.

Never too Early to Start

Blogging is easy and requires little setup, so if your dealership is ready to be the expert in your community, then start gathering those topics, find yourself a strong writer, and start blogging. Keep the writing informal, but professional and start letting your customers see you as a resource for pertinent information that will make them better car owners.


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