As the Chevrolet Camaro gets ready for retirement this year, GM might be on to a replacement model with a newly unveiled Buick GNX concept as introduced by While the first photos are undeniably appealing, many questions remain about whether or not this model could be the future of the Camaro and its well-established legacy.

The Modern Buick Grand National Experimental

The Buick Grand National Experimental, or simply, the Buick GNX is no stranger to the automotive scene; first released in 1987 along with the assistance of none other than McLaren, the GNX was quickly deemed a stunner as it beat out GM’s Halow, and the Chevy Corvette of the time. Its popularity was so high and was further fueled by the fact that there were only 547 models available.

Quickly becoming the fastest car ever produced in the US in 1987, the GNX was gone as quickly as it arrived… until maybe now, that is. Could you be looking at the replacement Camaro available at your local Buick dealer in the coming years? While there’s no official (or unofficial) word just yet, the recently released concept images certainly make it an idea worth considering.

Exploring the Potential of the Concept GNX

This concept model which was designed by 3D artist Rostislav Prokop exclusively for shows off a modern and reimagined Buick GNX that exudes undeniable hints of the well-loved Camaro (as it should considering it was built off of the Camaro body style).

The concept model is unveiled in a glossy gold hue, and the front-facing images show an interesting mix between the Camaro front body style dovetailed with a wide Buick grill. Sleek headlights and LED lighting trim on the bottom nicely frame the front while the Buick emblem stands out on the backdrop of classic Buick grill vents.

Aggressive Body Style Continues Exuding Camaro Styling

Step to the side and that elegant clean look of the front grill quickly gets overpowered by the peaked hood and aggressive rear haunches that speak to the potential performance power of windows are a rarity these days which allows this concept to stand out.

Could the Buick Grand National Experimental Concept Be the Replacement for the Chevy Camaro - 87 GNX

Heading back to the rear of the concept is a simplified tail end with aesthetically appealing horizontal tail lights centered above a clean bumper. Paying homage to the original Buick GNX, there are no unnecessary LED light strips, tags, or any other enhancements reminiscent of modern sports cars. Dual exhausts speak to the potential of the GNX while the lifted rear certainly adds to the aggressive look of this concept.

Reimage Performance, Legacy, and Style with the Concept Buick GNX

Could you be seeing the GNX at your local Buick dealer anytime soon? If it were up to GNX enthusiasts and the makers of this concept, this answer is undeniable yes. But with all the power and performance the concept has to offer, it does make a world of sense to replace the Camaro with an equally popular and powerful model. While the jury is still out, drivers and enthusiasts alike can only hope. While we dream, let’s take a look back at the original GNX.

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