06.10.16 - 2016 BMW M2

When you spend your time shopping for a luxury sports car you might not select a luxury nameplate. If performance is the most important part of driving to you there are two you might consider that are typically not direct competitors, but they can be when it comes to your attention and the desire to have a sports car that will handle everything you want to give it to offer yourself the drive you want to enjoy. The two we are looking at today might just surprise you when it comes to comparison testing, but they do offer several similarities in their overall performance.

First we look at the BMW M2. This is a car that is made to be small, quick. attractive and dynamic on the road and can be taken to the track for a great time opening it up all the way. When it comes a small luxury sports cars this one offers a new look and more performance per pound than most of the rest of the M cars from BMW to be the car that the company is hoping will put more excitement back into the drive. The M2 certainly can give you what you want in a name that carries a lot of respect around the world.

The second car we consider is the Ford Focus RS. This is a car that has a name we recognize on every market as a car that has been one of our favorite commuter cars over the years. Taking a commuter car and turning it into a high performance machine that makes turns at Nurburgring look easy is exciting and a way for us to absolutely enjoy what the Focus platform really is capable of doing. The Focus RS is the car you want to drive and enjoy on any road.

As for power for each of these two cars the M2 comes in with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that offers up 370 horsepower and 343 lb.-ft. of torque. Under the hood of the Focus RS is a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that comes in with 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. This may make the decision you are faced with even more difficult as the M2 has more horsepower, although tow more cylinders, and the Focus RS has more torque. This means your driving habits may come to be a factor for this choice.

Which one of these two do you choose? Both are great cars on the road, the M2 is setup with RWD while the Focus RS has one of the most advanced AWD systems you can find. Ford also advertises the EcoBoost engines are able to be tuned up and give you more horsepower with the turn of a couple screws. Maybe what we need so that you can actually decide which one of the cars you should choose we should put the two on a track together and see what car is the one you like more. It’s easy to see these two are certainly great performance machines to give you a pair of great cars to love.

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