Its Coming and Its Beautiful The BMW i8 Roadster

Its Coming and Its Beautiful The BMW i8 Roadster

BMW hasn’t been trying to keep any secrets when it comes to the upcoming BMW i8 Roadster, in fact, they are hoping that we’re extremely excited to see this car as it comes to the market and will be offered for sale at some point in the calendar year for 2018. The i8 has become a standard of excellence for the powerful use of hybrid technology that takes lightweight materials, a small but energetic engine and an excellent hybrid system to be one of the most exciting and impressive models on the market today.

This car, that hasn’t been a quiet secret at all, has been seen testing in a variety of ways to let us see the exceptional quality that can be right for those of us who want a vehicle that is technologically advanced beyond anything else we’ve driven in the past. The new BMW i8 Roadster is ready to show up and give us a great view of what it will be in order to be one of the most impressive new cars to hit the market for next year when we’ll be ready to get behind the wheel and take off on the road or take it to the track.

Below you’ll see the first of the official teaser videos that BMW has released for this car as they continue to give us a look at what this new car will be. The Roadster model will still have the butterfly doors and the new Coupe version will show up with a set of redesigned LED headlights, new front and rear bumpers and updated wheel designs to make the difference in the overall look and increase the interest across all models of the i8 which is already one of the most exciting vehicles on the road.

There will be more to love with the new Roadster model, but it might be a little different than what you might expect. The convertible top that’s offered is most likely going to be a soft top that you have to manually remove to make the car feel like what you want in a convertible model that will be excellent for you to drive on the road. The power for this new model will be somewhere around 420 horsepower and that number will be offered in the coupe as well to make sure you have a great way to enjoy this amazing car out on the road.

We should get the chance to see this new version of the BMW i8 in both forms at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, making it a great way for us to see what this amazing car is and how it can show off for us on the road. Until that time, we’ll have to be satisfied with the occasional teaser video that is offered to tell us a little more about what this car can and will be when it shows up for the quality and excellence we want to enjoy ourselves.

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