700 Plus Horsepower

If you have never driven a car that offers over 300 horsepower a jump to 700 will be absolutely insane.  The first rule of thumb is to not try and test the performance or top power of these cars unless you are on a track with a properly trained crew and all the right safety gear.  Once you have these items in place there are a few things to consider before you take a car out to the track and see how well you can handle a full 700 or more of horsepower.

All-Wheel DriveBecause some of the cars of today, the Hellcats and the M5 come to mind, are able to lay rubber for a full quarter mile run there is not point when the grip kicks in.  It used to be once the initial acceleration was over but with the advanced technology that goes much farther now.  It’s more important than ever to have AWD aboard to ensure you have control at all four wheels.

Improve Your Tires – The tires that come with your car are made to give you some performance but they, in some cases, are the lowest grade offered in order to give you some control.  What you really need is a full set of high performance tires on your ultra-powerful ride.  There is no perfect set of tires for all vehicles you need to consult your dealership and do some research to make sure you have the right tires for your car.

Mid-Engine is Better – If you have the money, because nearly all mid-engine cars are much more expensive, buy a car that does have the engine situated behind the driver.  This gives you the power to the rear wheels much quicker and balances out the car.  Many times one of the detriments of powerful vehicles and those who are not experienced at driving them is the rear end sway that can happen.  With a rear-engine vehicle you won’t have that problem instead you will have the balance and power right where you need it.

Take Classes – It may sound nerdy and it is, but a driving school that is geared toward those who want to be able to drive their high performance models to the edge of reason and back can help you stay safe and make the experience even more fun.  You can learn how to drive from some of the most highly respected experts in the field who have experienced a variety of driving situations that will make it easier for them to teach you how to drive properly.

With these considerations under your belt and the right car with the right features at your disposal you can take your 700 plus horsepower beast out to the track and have a great time driving it and pushing the performance to the limits.  The only real question left to answer is which high powered ultra-sports car are you going to choose for your driving excitement when you have track time scheduled?

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