Bison Sits Atop the Chevrolet Colorado Lineup

When you’re looking for a capable and impressive midsize pickup to take out on the trails and put to work, the Chevrolet Colorado gives you several choices that make sense. Your off-road experience in this truck can come from the ZR2, the new Z71 Trail Runner, and the ZR2 Bison. The Bison is a truck that’s built to pay homage to its name by being tough, rugged, rough, and powerful on the trails. This truck is the most expensive, but also the most capable, Chevrolet Colorado for the 2019 model year.

Turning the Meter to Eleven at Chevrolet Bison

If there was a meter for aggression for a truck the Colorado ZR2 Bison would break it. This truck brings you aftermarket parts from the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) team. This truck rides on 31-inch Goodyear Duratrac tires, add a snorkel to allow the truck to breathe underwater and has bash-proof bumpers and skid plates. This amazing truck also offers you an optional diesel engine to give you the power you want when you know you’re going to need low-end torque to get you through the mud and the muck that will be found on the trails you ride on.

Dialing it Back to the Colorado ZR2

While most of us will look at the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and think of it as a truck that’s aggressive in its own right, it’s the dialed back version compared to the Bison. This truck rides on a track that’s 3.5-inches wider than the standard truck, offers you locking electronic differentials, a 3.42 rear axle ratio, a two-inch suspension lift, and the Multimatic DSSV dampers that give you the ride you’re looking for. All of these items are also found in the Bison to let you have the truck you’re ready to drive.

Another Off-Road Colorado

The newest addition to the lineup of Chevrolet Colorado models is the Z71 Trail Runner. This truck packages the Z71 items that you know and admire for the off-road performance with the skid plates and the rock sliders that are offered in the ZR2. This truck rides on 17-inch Duratrac tires and wears a blacked-out Chevrolet grill up front, which is the same grill that the Bison has up front as well. This is a truck that has the off-road credentials you want for the light to medium trails you’ll find.

The Street Demon from Colorado

If you have no desire to head out on the trails in your Chevrolet Colorado, another new model is offered to give you a choice that’s above the standard version. Taking a page from the rest of the Chevrolet lineup, the Chevrolet Colorado will now be offered in RST form. This truck wears the LT appearance package and has a long list of blacked-out trim features for you to enjoy. This truck can ride on a set of gorgeous 20-inch black wheels that will be admired by those you see when you take it out for a cruise on the roads in your area.


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