Audi Will Show Up Big in Spider-Man

Audi Will Show Up Big in Spider-Man

The newest superhero film in the Marvel collection will hit theaters on July 7 and it will give us a new spin on one of our favorite heroes; Spider-Man. The new film called Spider-Man: Homecoming shows us a young Peter Parker and the challenges he faces while being both a teenage superhero and a regular school attending teen that needs to be able to live his life in a way that’s at least somewhat normal. One of the aspects of the film that we can certainly admire and enjoy is the fact that the Audi brand is making its way to the screen in this film.

We know that Audi offers us a fantastic selection of cars that are engaging luxury models that are excellent for the ride we went on the road. During this film, the new Audi A8 makes its big screen debut as the big luxury car that we admire and would love to be able to drive and experience on the road. In addition to this car, the R8 V10 Spyder shows up and is the car that Tony Stark drives because of his affinity for the high priced elegant sports cars that are amazing to drive.

The car that makes an appearance and allows Peter Parker behind the wheel is the new Audi TTS Roadster that is offered to show us some of the impressive technology that has become part of what Audi offers inside the vehicles that make driving much easier and more engaging for us to experience the ride that’s right. In order to capitalize on the collaboration between Marvel and Audi, there will be a few digital shorts that are released for us to admire and enjoy while also providing us with a bit of humor.

The video below is titled “Driver’s Test” which shows young Parker at the DMV ready to take his driving test. While typically the student would be the nervous one, especially with what appears to be an overbearing driving evaluator which is played by comedian J.B. Smoove, in this case, the student is much calmer than the evaluator during the test. Parker shows off some of the features offered by the Audi that he has borrowed from his friend Tony during the test and he even finds a way to save the day as he eventually passes the test.

Take a look at this video below and get a few laughs out of it, but pay close attention to the features offered inside this gorgeous Audi. You’ll be amazed by the AI that allows Parker to take his hands off the wheel and of course, the parallel parking part of the test is a cinch when he pushes the automatic parking button. This car and what Audi is offering on the market for the future will make driving easier and more engaged than in the past. Enjoy this partnership as it certainly seems to be one that was put together the right way.

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