BMW R 1200 Adventure Motorcycle

Calling this motorcycle a dirtbike is most likely an insult, but it’s certainly not intended to be. The BMW R 1200 Adventure Motorcycle is at the height of riding for motorcycle riders who would like the ability to have their bike perform both on the road and off. This motorcycle is made to give you that and much more. The bike is built to be comfortable to ride, allowing you to ride great distances without stopping, and gives a high end performance that is needed when leaving the paved road for a desert run, mountain pass, or just taking the bike to the beach for the day.

At a price of more than $20,000 the R 1200 asks a steep price, but gives back the performance needed to enjoy some high ranging adventures. Currently this motorcycle is only commercially available in the European markets, but can be specially requests for those in the U. S. who want one. Regardless of the price, the R 1200 Adventure Motorcycle allows adventure on two wheels to be a regular occurrence rather than a dream, giving anyone willing to buy one the opportunity to head out for some remote location and enjoy the peacefulness of the wilderness.

Specifically, the motorcycle shows up with a 1,170 cc engine that pumps out 125 horsepower and 125 lb.-ft. of torque. The top speed that can be reached exceeds 125 mph and the transmission used is a six-speed version that helps to improve the fuel mileage. For the professional rider, this motorcycle offers Pro mode that can be set to Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Pro depending on the ride desired. The front headlight features an LED setup and the daylight is also LED, making it easier for others to see you, wherever you may be riding.

Rather than being just a dirtbike, that would require separate transportation to the paths before being unloaded and enjoyed. The R 1200 is made to be ridden on both the road and the trails. The bike is even a great performer in foul weather with the adjustable windshield and the extended beak and side flaps to help keep control and protect you, the rider, during a storm. The instrument panel also gives riders plenty of feedback and information regarding the systems to help ensure you don’t end up stuck in a remote location with no way to return home.

The exhilaration of riding a motorcycle has been enjoyed for many years and being able to take a dirt bike off the beaten path has been a hobby for quite some time as well. The blending of the two into the BMW R 1200 Adventure Motorcycle gives riders the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds from the seat of one motorcycle. Where will you be taking yours? Off to the mountains to blaze a trail and take in the picturesque mountain views; to a deserted stretch of beach for a romantic evening by the ocean; or just driving around town to show off enjoy the great on road performance. Whatever the destination, this motorcycle is ready and willing to take you there.

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