EcoBoost Mustang

Even though the top of the line GT is always going to be the gold standard and show off with is muscular V8 engine that offers a roar and a pull that will plant you in the front seat with your face plastered in a permanent smile the four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang has a lot to love. In previous years the four-cylinder was easily discernible from the GT and everyone who saw your Mustang would know you were driving one that was somewhat less than desirable. That is no longer the case, in fact now the simple reality is only a few features give the two a different look from the outside, making this one of the most attractive sub-GT versions of the Mustang ever.

Not only does an EcoBoost powered Mustang show off with great stylings and features that make it attractive to just about any Pony Car lover, (except those who must have the GT), but this version is a lot of fun to drive. With a smaller engine and an easy shift throw the EcoBoost makes driving and moving through the gears a smooth and fun transition which allows you to feel in full control of the car.

To go along with this enjoyable engine that doesn’t scream so load you want to cover your ears but rather purrs softly in a ready to go mode giving you the feeling of a car that wants to head out for a fun adventure this Mustang offers a quick and dynamic driving experience. The steering controls are light and easy to enjoy making smooth and sublime adjustments and reaction to the driver’s inputs. This Mustang is overall a fantastic car to drive and fully enjoy.

You may still find yourself wondering why I might find joy in pushing a “Girly Mustang” at you, but the truth is with the advanced technology of the Ford EcoBoost 2.3-liter engine the payoff is excellent with 310 horsepower for a full and enjoyable driving experience that puts you well ahead of much of the competition. With this engine you can easily outrun the BRZ, Miata and the 370Z while still enjoying the great power and fuel efficiency of this smaller engine than the GT.

Another huge benefit to this Mustang is its desire to be ridden hard. You can push and push on the gas and have the RPM’s near the red line and this creature will continue to perform in a fashion befitting Mustangs of lore. There is no argument the GT is the better performer in power but the EcoBoost gives a weekend driver so much more it seems as waste to go after the GT unless your needs are a true driving and racing machine. For most of us the EcoBoost makes the most sense and offers such an exciting and enticing ride to fully enjoy a drive down the coast, on a curvy and winding highway, or to simply show off with awesome performance when someone thinks you are driving a “Girlystang”.

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