Ford Maverick

You might think that the new Ford Maverick is nothing like the sporty sedan of the 1970s with the same name. But both had a roomy interior with a minimalist design. Let’s look at some of the modern Maverick’s stand-out interior features.

FINALLY! A Place for Your Tall Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important but carrying a tall water flask on road trips is a hassle. They don’t fit well in standard cupholders, and you end up banging your arm or knocking them over when you reach for the A/C or infotainment screen.

The designers at Ford re-imagined the door pocket. Instead of the old standard slot, they redesigned the pocket so it can hold your 1.5L water bottle. No more awkwardly trying to retrieve the bottle you knocked out of the cupholder!

That’s in addition to all of the other pockets and cubbies throughout the cab and the truck bed. There is also rear under-seat storage, so you have a place to stash tools, clothes, or anything else you need to bring but want to keep out of the way.

Calling All Makers!

We have to give the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS) its own callout. What is FITS, exactly? FITS allows you to accessorize your pickup with handy items from cord wraps and grocery bag hooks to trash bins and storage dividers.

But what if the accessories Ford offers aren’t your style? You can make your own accessories if you’ve got some creativity and access to a 3D printer. Ford has open-sourced their blueprints so you can create FITS items that, well, fit your Maverick.


Ford Maverick Rear

Elegance in Simplicity

It’s not just the storage cubbies and FITS that keep the cabin clutter-free. The Maverick’s minimalist design keeps the essential controls in easy reach without making you feel like you’re operating the Space Shuttle.

Plus, the truck’s square design, available moon roof, and large windows lend an open, airy feel to the cab and offer great visibility.

The Maverick seats offer a good balance of support and cushioning. And with its unibody design, there’s less center hump intrusion, giving rear-seat passengers a lot more legroom. So, even on long road trips, you and your crew will feel refreshed and ready to hit the surf or the trails.

The World at Your Fingertips

The Maverick has come a long way in technological advancement. The original 70’s sedan was considered cutting-edge if it had an 8-track, while the modern Maverick puts the whole world at your fingertips. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth are all standard. USB charging is available throughout the cab, and if you upgrade to the Lariat, you get wireless charging and an 8-speaker B&O Sound System.

The Versatility of a Truck and Comfort of an SUV

The Ford Maverick offers an impressive list of features that make it a pickup you and your friends enjoy spending a lot of time in. If you’re looking for a comfortable, fuel-efficient truck, be sure to take one for a test drive.

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