A Ford Patent that Reminds You of a Movie

Ford patents an alternative driving possibility to give you a small motorcycle that could come out of the For C-Max hatchback.

Automakers and designers have been creative over the years and you can go as far back as you want to see some crazy and fun features that will make it right for you to have the right way to get out on the road. We typically purchase vehicles to be one thing and to have the function to give us as much versatility as possible, but what Ford has filed as a patent seems to be a bit beyond what we’ve seen sent to the US Patent and Trademark Offices in the past.

What is the Ford Patent?

If you remember the Batman movies with Christian Bale as the main character you may remember when the Batmobile deployed the Batcycle out of the front of it with the hero riding on to take down the bad guys. While you might think this is insane what’s even more incredible is the fact that Ford filed a patent that shows us a deployable motorcycle coming out of the Ford C-Max hatchback. That seems to be a far-fetched idea, but if it works out, there could be something special coming down the line and that would come from Ford.

Making this Work at Ford

In order to file a patent, you have to actually have something that appears that it could work, not just a scheme that we saw in a movie. What the C-Max with the motorcycle coming out of it actually appears to be in the patent diagrams is a scooter that’s connected by a rail system inside the car between the front seats. This scooter makes up the center console of the car while serving as an armrest and a storage area when the scooter is part of the car and not deployed.

Superior Functionality

The hood of the C-Max can lift up and the actuators release the scooter to be a two-wheeled deployable vehicle that can be used. The rest of the car is still able to be driven on its own (theoretically), by using power from a rear-mounted engine or potentially hub-mounted electric motors. The gap that’s left by the release of the scooter is then closed off by a rubber seal to make sure dirt and road debris can’t get into the vehicle while it’s in motion. This is certainly an interesting idea and one that seems to be useful in some tight and small city areas.

A Ford Dream We Can Admire

We probably won’t ever see this version of the C-Max come to the market, but the patent and the idea are interesting and enough of a departure from the norm that we have to take a look at it. There have been situations described already where the scooter drive wheel would touch the ground and help propel the car along. Hopefully, Ford will make a few of these to show off at car shows just to let us see what we could eventually have when it’s time to have the drive you may want on the streets and even up on the sides of the road with a deployable scooter.

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