3 Ways To Create Family Memories in your Toyota Tacoma

Trucks like the Toyota Tacoma certainly have their uses. Many drivers love these warriors for projects around the house or on job sites.

Luckily, your Toyota Tacoma offers a lot more than just being a stylish workhorse.

Here are three ways you can create memories for your family in your Toyota Tacoma:

Picnic On The Go

Your pickup truck can easily act as a mobile picnic location, which means you can set up and enjoy almost any location, from an urban BBW to an ocean-side brunch.

Start by lining your truck bed with plastic garbage bags. If you want to get fancy, grab some fresh sod to roll out over the plastic.

This will give you a real “toes-in-the-grass” feel. If that’s not an option, you can throw down some blankets or a carpet to help add some padding.

Create some shade by adding four poles inside the four corners of the bed. If you’re not sure how to keep everything secure, a little duct tape will go a long way. Now you can drape a piece of fabric across the poles to create something like a tent.

Now you just need to throw in a couple of pillows and picnic blankets to complete the scene. Fill your basket with foods that everyone will love. If you want to make this picnic a bit more romantic, don’t forget the bottle of wine, flowers, and something special for dessert.

Drive-In Movie Night

Whether you have a local drive-in movie theater or no, you can use your Tacoma to create a magical night under the stars. Start by adding some padding to your truck bed. This could be anything from layers of blankets, rugs, or play mats. You want to be able to sit comfortably in the back.

You’ll want to throw in a few pillows for comfort, and don’t forget a couple of blankets or sleeping bags. Grab some of your favorite movie snacks, drinks, and, of course, popcorn to complete the night.

If you don’t have a local outdoor theater, you can make one at home. One way is to get a projector that hooks up to your computer, DVD player, smartphone, or streaming device. You can project the movie onto the side, back, or front of your house, wherever there is a flat spot. You can also make a simple movie screen with a large sheet.

Not everyone has access to a projector, so another option is to just set up your TV outside. You probably won’t be able to go too far without various extension cords, but it’s possible. For smaller families or a perfect date night, a computer screen will do the job.

Star-Gazing and Story Telling

A trip to a planetarium isn’t always an option, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss seeing the stars. For this adventure, create a padded and comfortable truck bed like you would for the drive-Iv movie option.

The next part is making sure you can find a place with a clear view of the sky. If you live in the city or anywhere with lots of light, you may need to take a drive. Luckily, there are plenty of state parks and outdoor sites that are available. Do your research and find a good spot.

Make sure to download a star-gazing app. There are many free or inexpensive options that will help identify constellations, planets, and more. If you plan this event where there’s a meteor shower or eclipse, it will be all the more memorable.

When it comes to using your Toyota Tacoma, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to provide entertaining and special memories for your family. If you do it right, you might even get permission to buy a bigger model.

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