Used Canyon vs. Used Colorado What’s the Better Buy

GM’s Midsize Pickup Twins Go Head-to-Head

The GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickups share DNA as corporate cousins. Of course, each pickup truck brings unique strengths as a used purchase and attracts different kinds of shoppers and drivers. If you’re looking at upgrading your rig, a used GMC Canyon or Chevrolet Colorado are both great options, but one of them is more likely to fit into your needs and budget than the other.

Read on to compare which pickup truck is the better buy for you.

Styling and Capability

Both a used GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado offer rugged off-road capability in a maneuverable, garage-friendly package. The Canyon leans more towards luxury, while the Colorado focuses on value and affordability. Exteriors, cabs, bed configurations, wheelbases, and powertrains are nearly identical between the two models. You can expect usable interior space and up to 7,000 pounds of towing capacity when properly equipped. Overall, styling and capability differences are minimal. In this category, you’ll want to pick based more on brand loyalty and personal preferences.

Notable Variants

While base-level models are similar between these two trucks, there are some unique options out there that bring more diversity to the table. Look for special editions like the Colorado Z71 or Canyon All-Terrain for enhanced off-road prowess straight from the factory. These models include upgraded suspension, skid plates, and aggressive tires ideal for backcountry adventures. There are also premium Denali versions of the Canyon with luxury finishes and appointments. Make sure to consider your usage plans when choosing a specific trim and configuration.

Maintenance Essentials

Well-maintained Canyon and Colorado trucks make worry-free used buys that can last over 200,000 miles. Whether you’re shopping for a used GMC or Chevy truck, prioritize trucks with complete service records. Check for any outstanding recalls or stored diagnostic trouble codes. Carefully test 4×4 engagement, front and rear differentials, transmission operation, and engine performance during test drives. Diesel models require meticulous maintenance, but properly cared for Duramax engines offer legendary longevity with over 500,000 miles possible.

Top Used Buys

For maximum value, look to the 2015-2016 four-cylinder Colorado models. These workhorse trucks provide an excellent blend of utility, efficiency, reliability, and affordability. Seek out top trims and special editions like the Z71 for extra off-road prowess and capability straight from the assembly line. High-demand diesel versions command premium pricing but promise virtually unlimited mileage potential when meticulously maintained.

Overall, the pre-owned Chevy Colorado wins for value and budget-friendliness, while the used GMC Canyon offers a more upscale look and feel.

The Bottom Line

In the end, you really can’t go wrong with a used GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado. Both of these capable trucks deliver compelling styling, versatility, and the brand loyalty of many dedicated owners. Focus on condition, maintenance history, features, and pricing to find the right pickup for your needs and budget. Get ready to fall in love with GM’s fantastic midsize trucks because once you see these rigs in action, you may never go back.


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