The Chrysler Pacifica Isn’t a Heater

If you expect to walk outside to your Chrysler Pacifica minivan with a heated steering wheel and not need gloves, you’d be disappointed.

The cold weather experienced in the center and northern areas of the country recently has had several drivers finding out just what the limits of their vehicles are. Offered in the Limited trim, there are limits to everything that any vehicle can offer, and the Pacifica heated leather steering wheel isn’t a heater for your hands to turn them from icicles to roasted chickens in only a few seconds.

This Version is Filled with the Luxury from Chrysler

When we have realistic expectations of the features offered in our vehicles, we aren’t disappointed. If you thought the heated steering wheel worked like the toaster on your counter, you need to think about what this item is made of and how unrealistic that would be. Once you get past this fact, the Chrysler Pacifica Limited is a minivan that offers you a lot of what you want when you head out for a drive, even when you have to drive in temperatures that register below zero degrees.

The Limited trim of the Pacifica is equipped with Nappa leather seats, heated and ventilation for the front seats, an eight-way power set up for both of the front seats, a heated steering wheel, seat-mounted screens for the rear, and a host of amazing electronics for your driving pleasure. This is an interior area that you can have colored in a beautiful black and crème combination that looks great and offers you the sophisticated look that you want to enjoy when you head out on the road. Your entire family will love the drive in this minivan when you head out on the road.

Look at the Steering Wheel Before you Drive

Yes, the steering wheel in the Pacifica Limited is heated, but it’s one that shows you leather and metal in a dramatic way. The metal ring is not heated on this item. Can you imagine why? When was the last time you placed your hands on hot metal and didn’t need a potholder or other item to insulate your skin from the heat? Unless you wanted to have a brand of the ring on your hands every time you use the heating part of the steering wheel, you need to remember this area will be cold and you will need gloves when it’s cold outside.

You Can do Without the Heated Wheel in the Pacifica

Ok, you could have the Chrysler Pacifica without the heated steering wheel and then you won’t have unrealistic expectations. Choose the Touring Plus or Touring L trims and you won’t have this item to worry about, but you also won’t have all the items mentioned. Instead of skipping the Limited trim, wear a pair of gloves when the temperatures drop to the arctic levels and enjoy the benefits that the Chrysler Pacifica Limited offers you.

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