Ford Mustang

Talk to anyone that worked in the automotive industry in the 1950s through the 1980s and you’ll hear them talk loathsomely about the foreign models that came to the market in the US. These folks wondered with the good old American pride went and why anyone would want to buy cars that were smaller and more efficient when the American cars like Ford were built larger with more space inside than the ones that were arriving from Japan. While this crowd had a certain respect for European models and chuckled at the lack of reliability the versions from Europe were known for, but the Japanese models came with a strong emphasis on reliability and dependability for the drive.

Fast forward several years and we’ve seen brands from all over the world begin to be built closer to where they are going to be sold. We have production plants in the US for nearly every brand that’s sold here along with several plants around the world that produce the models from the Detroit Big Three that are sold in those areas. The world is smaller and a collaboration of tuning between an American car and a Japanese tuning company if further proof of this.

The Unlikely Collaboration for Ford

Would you expect a Japanese tuning company to be prepared to tune a Ford Mustang? Of course not, this wouldn’t happen with the expectation of what the Mustang stands for, but the team at Liberty Walk has upgraded a Ford Mustang that will be put on display at J Nation next month. This tuning company has created what could be some amazing packages for the Ford S550 Mustangs that will be perfect for someone looking for more performance and an improvement to the car they know and love for its ability on and off the track.
The LB Works Complete Body Kit gives us a new front splitter, front canards, side skirts, rear diffuser, a ducktail spoiler, and widebody fenders with exposed riveting. This kit is available for those that want to add it to the car for a total of $6,800. There is also the Performance Body Kit which is a little more affordable while deleting the fender flares from the previous package. You can also have a ducted hood from this team which is offered for the price of $2,380, there is also an Airex suspension kit that can be ordered for an additional $7,900.
The team at Liberty Walk offers a ton of additional items for the Ford Mustang you want to drive which includes items such as performance items such as wheels and tires that you can add to your car as well. Check out the variety of items offered and let them be the right ones for you to have what you’re looking for when you want to get out on the road and have a lot of fun. This package of items for the Mustang from this team is perfect for you to have the impressive quality drive and fun you want on the roads and tracks in your area to show off to your family and friends.

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