2015 Buick Enclave Silver

For many years, Buick has made quality vehicles that certainly catered to a specific demographic. Known to last well past the 200,000 mile mark, it could be said that Buick has been the dark horse in the automotive industry. Recently releasing models that were barely recognizable as Buick vehicles; Buick is emerging with a new class of cars that aren’t your parents’ Buicks.

The 2015 Enclave is no exception. Offering both family friendly features and enough interior aspects to impress the most-discerning driver, this new generation crossover is built to impress. Handfuls of available options increase the desirability of the newest Enclave.

While there have been no major additions to the newest model year, Buick is offering some new colors and the option for a heated steering wheel.   These options are nothing in comparison to what comes standard on a Buick Enclave. Rearview cameras, parking assist, and power driver’s seat are all equipped on every Enclave package. Not to be outdone, Buick also offers a remote start system standard in every new Enclave.

This remote start system not only heats up the car on a winter day, but it also automatically turns on the rear window defrost and heat the side mirrors. Not cold outside? The Enclave will also automatically start the engine and the air conditioning from inside your home. Gone are the days of burning your hands on a steering wheel that’s been baking in the sun.

Some features come standard only to Buick, such as Intellilink and Quiet Tuning. Intellilink Infotainment System allows for hands free and voice activated use of both your cell phone and the radio while offering a customizable home screen that can easily access your favorite features. Once your cell is linked with the system, Intellilink allows for access to all of the features available from your phone, including your contacts.

Quiet tuning is a system that comes from triple door seals, acoustically laminated glass, and tuning adjustments that allow for the quietest ride on the market.   While on the road, background noise can add to the level of distraction a driver is facing. The elimination of that noise can provide a more pleasant and enjoyable ride for the whole family.

Whether carrying the most precious cargo you have, your family, the Enclave ranks above others of its kind and some minivans. With standard third-row seating, optional DVD player, and the LATCH restraint system the Enclave is ready for your family. Loaded with airbags, including a front-center airbag to protect both driver and passenger in side collisions.

Safe driving in inclement weather shouldn’t present a problem for drivers of the Enclave either, as it comes standard with patented StabiliTrak control. This stability control system helps the driver maintain control during slips and slides as well as emergency situations and last minute maneuvers. Unique sensors can differentiate between steering wheel angles and the angle of the wheels. This system also applies brake pressure to certain to avoid rollover and keep the driver on track.

Convenience features are also plentiful as standards on the 2015 Enclave. The newest model features three USB ports; one in the front and two, for charging, in the back. Also standard is the home remote system that allows your vehicle to link to three different gadgets in your home, allowing for control of your garage doors and your alarm system. For added comfort, the Enclave also features an auto-dimming rearview mirror that will reduce the brightness of headlights.

If the available standard features on the Enclave aren’t enough to whet your appetite, then the warranty should be. Offering a four-year and 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty in addition to a 70,000 mile and six year powertrain warranty, Buick seems willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The Enclave is a full sized SUV that doesn’t offer the maneuverability of smaller version, but it does offer a generous towing capacity and powerful V6 engine. On the front wheel drive option of the vehicle, Enclave offers a pretty impressive 24 miles per gallon on the highway.

Available in three trim levels, the Enclave offers an array of additional features for each and every level. In the Leather and Premium packages, drivers can expect heated front seats, power driver and passenger seats, and blind spot alert that will automatically look for traffic in the areas you can’t see.   Add in a heated steering wheel, and the Enclave measures evenly with luxury models.

When standard features on the lowest trim level rival that of the highest trim competitor, the 2015 Enclave ranks highly in reviews. Attractive and stylish on the outside with premium features internally, Buick has knocked this SUV out of the park in terms of attracting new buyers. The Enclave is definitely not the Buick of the past!

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