When you’re looking for the right car for you and you know you’re going to want to drive a midsize sedan that can give you the excellent performance on the road with efficiency and quality that you’re sure to admire, the Mazda6 can be the right choice for you. The team at Mazda has done a masterful job of creating a model that has the benefits of an impressive design called the Kodo design while continuing to ensure this car can be one of the most affordable models on the market.

As we look forward to what the 2018 version of the Mazda6 will have for us to enjoy and admire, we know the veil is going to be removed at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of this month. When we see this new car offered at the Mazda booth, it’s easy to know this will be the car that has the drive and the qualities that will fit your needs while making it easier than ever for you to have an affordable vehicle that will ensure you have a great ride on the roads that you drive in order to enjoy the experience.

What We’ll See with this New Model

We’ve already been given some of the information regarding the drive you’re looking for and what the Mazda6 will have for you to enjoy and admire on the road. This car will be powered by the 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s been used in the CX-9 SUV. This engine is capable of offering 250 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. This will be the upgraded engine as the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s naturally aspirated is going to continue to be the base engine and make it easy for you to have the drive you want on the road.
On the inside of the cabin of the new Mazda6 we will also see some optional Japanese Sen Wood trim inside the car. This wood is what’s typically used in traditional Japanese instruments and furniture along with other upgraded items that can be enjoyed with an impressive amount of high-grade interior features. We won’t get more details about the interior until it’s time for the show, but the hint of this specialized wood trim certainly piques the interest we have in what the Mazda6 will have for us during the drive.
There are also additional items added to the i-ActiveSense to make it more of the safety collection of items that we’re going to want to have when we drive. These upgrades include the Radar Cruise Control and 360-degree View Monitor to go along with the automatic high beam assist, lane departure warnings, and front collision alerts with collision mitigation. You’re certainly going to be amazed by what the Mazda6 has to offer you when it’s time to get out on the road and have a fantastic drive wherever you need to go. This is the car that is affordable and elegant to make sure you can have the drive you want on the roads in your area.

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