The Rise of Hybrid Trucks: A New Era of Power and Efficiency

Should you choose a hybrid truck to help you get things done? Although other vehicles have enjoyed hybrid tech for a while, hybrid trucks are relatively new.

The original purpose of hybrid technology was to make small vehicles more economical. The Toyota Prius is still the first name that comes to mind when “hybrid” is mentioned. Thankfully, this tech has come a long way and can now help pickup trucks receive more power and improved fuel mileage. Some hybrid pickups use smaller engines than their predecessors while offering as much or more power than before while others enjoy mild-hybrid systems that offers a boost of power for better acceleration and easier towing.

What trucks are available with hybrid powertrains?

The current truck lineup offers four trucks with hybrid powertrains in the U.S. market. More hybrid pickups are heading our way, but the four currently offered are the Ford Maverick, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, and Ram 1500. The Ram 1500 uses a mild-hybrid eTorque system that helps during initial acceleration, but the other three have a full hybrid system.

The new Toyota Tacoma will also provide hybrid power when it arrives in the 2024 model year. Toyota has developed a system with the hybrid motor positioned directly between the engine and transmission to add power as it exits the engine.

Are hybrid trucks worth it?

We don’t have enough evidence to make a definitive statement, but this depends on how the truck is to be used. The base model of the Ford Maverick has the hybrid powertrain and isn’t as capable as the turbocharged model. On the other hand, the Tundra and F-150 hybrid trucks are more powerful and efficient than the standard powertrains of these two trucks. The mild hybrid system of the Ram 1500 isn’t as capable as the full hybrid systems of other trucks, but it adds a boost of power upon initial acceleration.

What’s the least expensive hybrid truck?

The base mode of the Ford Maverick is the least expensive truck with a hybrid powertrain. This truck is less than half the price of the F-150 PowerBoost. The small Maverick lacks the towing capacity of other trucks and isn’t much bigger than a compact SUV. Still, the tiny hybrid Maverick can easily be what some owners need when they only require a truck to handle small amounts of weight and a few projects on the weekends.

Do hybrid trucks get better gas mileage?

Across the range, although its only four trucks, hybrid pickups return better fuel mileage figures than the gas-only variants. The only hybrid truck truly tuned for better fuel mileage is the Ford Maverick. This small pickup delivers 42 city/33 hwy mpg, which is incredible for a truck. The focus for the F-150 Power Boost and Tunda i-Force Max powertrain is to add more power to the truck with smaller engines, ensuring better towing figures and a slight improvement in fuel mileage. The Ram 1500 offers only minor upgrades in power and efficiency, but you can’t expect a lot out of 48-volts of power.

Is there a hybrid 4×4 pickup?

The three full-size trucks that offer hybrid powertrains all can be had with 4WD systems to add off-road capabilities to these three trucks. For the time being, the Ford Maverick Hybrid does not include AWD as part of the mix. When the Toyota Tacoma arrives with its new hybrid powertrain, it will also offer a 4WD system that enables it to be a trail-riding champion.

Do hybrid truck batteries last long?

Although hybrid pickup trucks are new in the market the Ford Maverick and F-150 PowerBoost have hybrid batteries that include 8-year/100,000-mile warranties. The Tundra’s hybrid battery packs are covered for ten years or 150,000 miles. Although the Ram 1500 is only equipped with a mild-hybrid system, the warrant for the hybrid batteries matches that of the two Ford hybrid pickups.

What are the advantages of a hybrid truck?

Automakers have learned that adding a hybrid system to pickup trucks offers similar advantages to these workhorses as small cars. These trucks offer better fuel mileage, towing capabilities, and faster acceleration than their gas-powered counterparts. Toyota has ditched its V8 engine lineup entirely in favor of V6 engines with the i-Force Max hybrid system being the more powerful and capable of the two systems used in the Tundra.

Although many automakers are releasing fully-electric pickups, some are turning to hybrid trucks to offer a good middle ground between gas-powered and electric trucks, offering owners a fantastic alternative to the other two.

Could a hybrid pickup become the truck of choice for everything you need to get done?

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