Subaru Recall May Result in New Cars for Some

Subaru Recall May Result in New Cars for Some

Subaru Recall: Fix or Replace

A vehicle recall is always troubling, but what Subaru has done has given drivers more than the standard fix it option. Subaru issued a recall on two of their 2019 vehicles and while the issue can be fixed, they’re giving drivers the option to either sell the car back to them or replace the car entirely.

What Models Were Affected

The Subaru recall includes over 2,000 2019 Legacy and Outback models that were produced between May 31 and June 6, 2019. Fortunately, the issue was discovered early, so only a little over 10 percent of the 2,000 were affected by the recall. The issue occurred during the manufacturing process. Subaru told National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the issue came down to the welder used during manufacturing, which could cause the faulty part to fail over time. Once an employee noticed the issue, Subaru was able to act quickly. You can check to see if your Subaru was affected by calling 844-373-6614. You’ll need your VIN for verification, and then you’ll be able to assess your options.

How Subaru is Handling the Recall

Subaru realizes the importance of convenience and wants to give its customers the least disruptive solution to the Legacy and Outback recall. Customers rely on their cars heavily, so it’s not always a quick fix to make an appointment, potentially missing work or quality time with their family by spending hours at a dealership waiting for their car to be fixed.

Subaru is, unfortunately, no stranger to recalls. Last year a separate welding defect was discovered on that year’s Ascent. During that recall, the affected Ascent models were destroyed. This time around, though, Subaru wants to take a non-traditional route and will offer customers the chance to sell their vehicle back to Subaru or have it replaced entirely. Because the repair time will take longer for this recall and leave customers without a vehicle for a long time, Subaru wants to give them a quick fix. Those vehicles bought back will eventually be repaired. Depending on drivers’ loyalty to Subaru and their confidence in the brand overall, some may opt to sell the vehicle back and walk away with the money, while more committed customers will be perfectly content with a replacement vehicle.

Should Other Automakers Follow Suit

Should other automakers take a page out of Subaru’s book? Sometimes a recall issue simply can’t be repaired, so the only option is to buy the vehicle back or replace it entirely. Since only a few vehicles were affected during this recall, it made the most sense for Subaru to buy back the affected models and then repair them at a later date or give their customers a new vehicle. Hopefully, these welding issues will not continue to be an issue for Subaru, but only time will tell.

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