Introducing the Volvo EM90: The Brand's First-Ever Chic Minivan

Why has Volvo put off building a minivan until now? While nearly unanswerable, the new Volvo EM90 will help us avoid dwelling on this query.

Volvo has been the leader in safety and automotive banality for many years. A beige Volvo was joked about in The Rock. It seems that a minivan would have been ideal for the Volvo brand, but it’s possible this luxury brand preferred to stick to its wagon offerings and avoid putting a minivan in the lineup that would push them out. Regardless, the new EM90 is heading to the automotive market to be the first Volvo minivan offered.

Which market will receive this new Volvo minivan?

Volvo is part of the Geely corporate family, which is a China-based company. The new EM90 is expected to be sold exclusively in China when it first arrives. When you realize this new Volvo is an all-electric minivan, you’ll understand why it makes sense for this vehicle to start in China. The new EM90 will share a platform with the Zeekr 009, which is an electric car sold only in China. More EVs are sold in China than anywhere else in the world, making it the perfect market for any new EVs to arrive and be tested.

Volvo styling makes its way to the minivan

The new Volvo EM90 will feature some of the signature detailing and style elements we find with many Volvo vehicles. The front will feature the Thor’s Hammer headlights, which sit high and wide on the face. The large, flat face of this electric minivan shows off an illuminated Volvo logo, while the rear offers a set of vertical taillights and a full-width light bar. This minivan will ride on either 19 or 20-inch wheels, offering the smooth and comfortable drive desired on any road.

How much power does the EM90 produce?

The comfortable feeling offered in this new Volvo minivan means it’s not a high-performance vehicle but a van filled with great features and power to make it comfortable. The new EM90 uses a single rear-mounted electric motor that produces 268 horsepower. This is more than enough power to get this family hauler going down the road. The EM90 has a claimed 459-mile driving range using China’s test cycle. Recharging the batteries from 10 to 80 percent only takes 30 minutes for this new Volvo minivan, making it easy to keep the road trip going.

The comfort is found in the cabin

Rather than squeezing in seven or eight passengers like some other minivans, the new Volvo EM90 features lounge-like seating with room for six across three rows. Two passengers occupy each row, enjoying a plush and comfortable space. There are fold-out tables and a light, airy design that makes this van feel great. The massive panoramic moonroof adds to the pleasure and comfort felt inside this beautiful van. Styling elements can be found throughout the cabin, which features birch wood panels, backlit design elements, and a shifter made from Orrefors crystal.

Everyone in the rear can be entertained while riding along in this new Volvo minivan. A large 15.6-inch entertainment screen hangs from the ceiling. This screen is capable of running several third-party apps and features a camera or video calls. The sound system is an incredible 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins system, which provides clear and crisp sound quality. The center of the dashboard features a 15.4-inch infotainment screen and a small display behind the steering wheel. Rear passengers have screens in the doors to control functions or their seat position.

Enjoy a quiet ride in this new van

The new Volvo EM90 features impressive sound isolation technology, including noise cancellation technology, specially designed tires, and a dual-chamber air suspension system. The panoramic glass room has a curtain that enables ambient lighting to provide an excellent mood setting while you’re in this amazing new minivan.

Expected Volvo safety is included

This new EM90 might share a platform with the Zeekr 009, but it brings Volvo safety technology to the mix, ensuring drivers have the alerts, cameras, and sensors necessary to avoid collisions and stay safe out on the road. The safety package is excellent, as expected, helping drivers navigate the congested roads in Chinese cities.

Luxury minivans are popular in China, and this new Volvo model is heading to this market before being trotted out in any other part of the globe. Will the new Volvo EM90 make its way to the United States? We shouldn’t expect it to arrive for several years, but it certainly could be the minivan of the future.

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