The Ford Bronco Raptor Is Insanity

The Ford Bronco Raptor takes a mannered off-roader to insane levels of capability to be the hardcore SUV you’re looking forward to driving.

Even though the Bronco name is relatively new, it is already time for the Raptor model to take up its position for this generation. The position for this hardcore off-roader one in which it dominates the competition, namely the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Rubicon 392 models. Will this new version of the Bronco be everything you’re looking for in an off-road SUV? Let’s take this deeper and find out.

The Current Bronco is a Hit

When a classic name returns, it’s not easy to predict how the new vehicle will be received. Thankfully, the Bronco was built right and quickly became a hit. This SUV is popular enough to be awarded the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year for 2022. Sales have been excellent for the Bronco, with many customers waiting at least a year for their model. The amazing success of the Bronco signals it’s the right time for Ford to unleash a sleeping monster. That monster is the Raptor version, which is wider, has bigger tires, and stands taller to give us a hardcore off-road beast that can take down any challengers.

Massive Clearance for Incredible Off-Road Fun

How do you have the most fun in the wilderness? You drive a vehicle with big tires and plenty of power. The Ford Bronco Raptor comes with 37-inch tires. These tires are only found on the specialized model of the Ford F-150 Raptor, giving the Bronco Raptor more lift. This big SUV can clear objects standing up to 13.1 inches above the ground with these massive shoes. This ground clearance number is 1.6 inches greater than the Sasquatch model and 4.8 inches more than the base version of this Ford off-road SUV.

The Raptor is Super Wide

Driving the Bronco Raptor on the road could require “Wide Load” signs and vehicles around you. While it’s not quite that wide, the Raptor model is 9.8 inches wider than the base version. The massive fender flares hide the extra room, which gives you a track that is 8.6 inches wider than before. Driving this big SUV on the street quickly fills up the lane, but it comes alive when out in the wilderness. The untamed areas of the world are where this massive SUV is at home, giving you the performance, power, and fun you want to enjoy.

High-Speed Travel Across the Sand in the Bronco

Similar to the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Bronco Raptor can handle high-speed off-road driving across the desert. This is one reason the Ford Bronco Raptor comes in four-door models and is not available as a two-door version at all. Another similarity with the truck Raptor is the large block lettering spelling out F O R D across the front grille. This big SUV features hood vents to bring more air into the engine, giving you all the power you need when you’re tackling the toughest trails in the wilderness.

How Much Power Does a Ford Bronco Raptor Offer?

We don’t have the final power numbers for this insane SUV yet. What we do know is that a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine powers this beast. This engine will make at least 400 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque, but that number could be greater when the Raptor arrives. Power goes to all four wheels through a ten-speed automatic transmission. Most of the time, high-performance versions of trucks and SUVs have lower payload and tow ratings. Not the Bronco Raptor. This incredible SUV can to 4,500 pounds, which is 1,000 pounds more than any other Bronco in the mix.

Power is Great, the Suspension is Better

The most important aspect of this hardcore off-roader is the suspension. The large wheels, massive fender flares, and taller stance make it easier to experience more suspension travel than standard models. This SUV includes a fully-boxed frame with added bracing. The sway bars disengage and reengage by simply pushing a button in the cabin. Fox LiveValve adaptive shocks provide the damping, and sensors monitor the terrain to provide the desired ride quality.

When concerned with the angles, the Bronco Raptor gives you an approach angle of 47.2 degrees, a breakover angle at 30.8 degrees, and a departure angle of 40.5 degrees.

Open the Door to Orange

Bright orange Day-Glo accents adorn the cabin of this Ford SUV. The orange elements fit perfectly into a cabin made to be rugged, tough, and resilient. This interior area features a thicker leather-wrapped steering wheel than base models; it has paddle shifters and low-gloss carbon fiber on the handles. Custom driving modes are activated through the massive 12-inch touchscreen seated at the top-center of the dashboard.

Add to the orange theme with optional orange seatbelts, which look pretty cool against the black leather. You’ll see several Raptor logos in the cabin that also find their way to the exterior of this big SUV. Choose the Lux Package and experience the sounds you love coming out of a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. This package also gives you adaptive cruise control for those times when you are on the pavement.

Can You Afford the Ford Bronco Raptor?

The starting price for this bold SUV is $69,995, which puts it in line with the competition. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 begins pricing at $75,000, but it does have a Hemi V8 pumping out 470 horsepower. The question you should ask yourself isn’t whether or not you can afford this Bronco. Ask instead, can you afford to miss out on the Bronco Raptor.

If you want to drive one of the most exciting off-road SUVs in the market, the Bronco Raptor is the SUV for you. Currently, most models fill reservations for customers waiting for their Broncos, but more will be available soon. Are you going to put your name on the list to have this amazing off-road beast in your driveway? Think of the places you can go with this Raptor and let your excitement run just as wild as this insane machine will once yours is ready for you.

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