Chevrolet Tahoe VS Chevrolet Suburban

Okay, so there are two massive Chevy SUVs. Which one is the better one?

Whether you are looking for a spacious interior or a large exterior, the Chevrolet Tahoe and the
Suburban have both. The Chevy Suburban has been around for a long time and has often been
considered the ultimate family car. The Chevy Tahoe, on the other hand, is a little bit newer, and
a bit more exciting in terms of performance. While the Tahoe is definitely a massive vehicle, the
Suburban might offer a little bit more interior space with its third row that has the capability to
fold down for more cargo space. The Tahoe and the Suburban are truck-based SUVs. What is
that? It’s an SUV with the capacity and capabilities of a truck. They are built like trucks, but
designed for families and recreation rather than work.

Suburban Supremacy

The Chevy Suburban is one of America’s most popular family cars. That is why you can find
them at every Chevrolet dealer in the nation. Not only is it a great family car, but it is both
powerful and luxurious. Its spacious interior has been a favorite for a number of years, and might
just be the deciding factor. Both of the SUVs in this article have various engines to choose from,
but the Suburban is bigger in size and definitely more spacious. If that is something you are
looking for specifically, then you’ll want to go Suburban all the way.

Engines and Efficiency

Quite surprisingly, both of these full-sized SUVs come with a standard 5.3-liter V-8 engine and
rear-wheel drive. For just about any family, this is plenty to haul all the kids, cargo, and maybe
something behind on the hitch. That means both vehicles get 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet
of torque. Again, with similar engines, the SUVs get approximately 16 mpg. Both cars have
higher quality trims with more options for engines. So, which one is better in this department?
Considering you get the same performance, the Suburban also gets more space. So, if you want
size and performance, the answer is yet again the Suburban.


The Chevy Tahoe’s standard edition starts at $56,095. That price tag might shock you, but the
Suburban is no better, it’s actually more expensive. The Chevy Suburban starts at $59,095. It’s
just a little bit more expensive than the Tahoe. The Tahoe’s High Country trim costs $76,795,
and the Suburban’s High Country trim costs $79,295. So, if you are looking to save a little bit of
money, and it is just a little bit, then you’ll want to go with the Chevy Tahoe.

Who Wins?

It’s hard to name a winner considering these are two of the most loved SUVs in America. But
when you consider everything to consider, it is clear that Suburban is a clear choice. You might
have to spend a little bit more, but you’ll be getting way more in quality.


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