10 of the Longest-Lasting Vehicles Prove Owners Love Driving Them

What are the longest-lasting vehicles in the market? Many models can give you ten years of great driving, but which models reach at least fifteen years or more?

When it comes to the vehicles that stay on the road the longest, the brands won’t surprise you. According to iSeeCars, Toyota and Honda dominate the top ten longest-lasting vehicles available. This top ten list has a lone Subaru in the mix, making it an all-Japan list of vehicles you should expect to be able to drive for longer than others.

Let’s see which vehicles you should expect to last up to 15 years or more.

10. Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is currently the largest SUV in the Toyota lineup. This big brute is reliable and useful for big families or anyone looking for great towing capabilities. Current models utilize more efficient powertrains, including the new i-Force Max system. The percentage of owners keeping this SUV for 15 or more years is 9.1%, putting it in the tenth spot on the list.

9. Toyota 4Runner

When you want one of the longest-lasting vehicles in the market, and you want it to be an off-road SUV, the Toyota 4Runner checks both boxes for you. This impressive SUV brings an old-school feeling to your modern drive. The 4Runner lasts more than 15 years and is kept by 9.4% of original owners. This means many original owners still love and drive the 4Runner regularly.

8. Subaru Forester

You might expect the Outback to be the lone Subaru, but it’s the Forester. This compact SUV delivers the benefits of Symmetrical AWD and is kept for 15 or more years by the original owner 9.8% of the time. This SUV is great on the trails but even better when tough weather appears and you’ve got to get to your destination.

7. Honda Pilot

If you’re looking for a great midsize SUV with room for the whole family, the Honda Pilot could be a great option. This is one of the longest-lasting vehicles in the market and could be great for your family to grow into. This Honda SUV is kept for 15+ years by the original owners 10.4% of the time. That makes it a fantastic vehicle to drive and enjoy.

6. Honda CR-V

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most popular vehicles in the market is also among those that are kept by original owners for at least 15 years or more. In the case of the Honda CR-V, 10.7% of owners enjoy driving this compact SUV for a long time. You could buy your CR-V today while your child is an infant, and they might drive it when it’s their turn to get a driver’s license.

5. Toyota Tundra

The Tundra has a strong reputation for reliability and has been a proven winner in terms of being one of the longest-lasting vehicles in the market. Most Tundra owners love this truck, but 11.3% of them love it so much that they have kept it for more than fifteen years, making it one of the most well-loved and useful trucks available.

4. Toyota Sienna

A minivan makes the list. This might be surprising if it was any model other than the Toyota Sienna. Once you buy this Toyota minivan, there’s a good chance you’ll keep it for a long time. This impressive Toyota family hauler has been driven for more than 15 years by 11.5% of owners. The Sienna could easily be the vehicle your kids associate with their childhood memories.

3. Toyota Tacoma

You might expect the Tacoma to be at the top of the list, but it’s in third place. The most popular midsize truck is also one of the longest-lasting. Called “the unkillable truck” by the trio of Brits on The Grand Tour, this truck has been kept for more than 15 years by 11.6% of owners. This makes it the third longest-lasting vehicle.

2. Toyota Highlander

Another popular Toyota finds its way to the runner-up position. The Highlander has been one of the most useful and practical family SUVs for many years. Owners keep this Toyota SUV for more than 15 years 12.4% of the time. Could a new Toyota Highlander give you nearly two decades of driving excellence?

1. Toyota Prius

Here’s the biggest surprise of the iSeeCars list. The smallest vehicle on the list is the one that 13.7% of owners keep for more than 15 years. This should give you a good feeling about the Toyota Prius and what it means to many drivers. The efficient and useful hybrid has been a great option for many years, and the newest models are sportier and more powerful than ever before.

Which of the longest-lasting vehicles in the market will you drive for the next fifteen years or more?

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