You’ve Got to See This Super-Cool Wakanda-Themed 2023 Lexus RX

Which SUV would a national athletic team from Wakanda drive? This question is answered with a special version of the 2023 Lexus RX.

It comes as no surprise that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” smashed the box office during its opening weekend. It’s also no surprise that a special vehicle is part of the marketing push for this movie. Lexus handed over an RX 500h F Sport to the Adidas S.E.E.D. team and told them to answer the question posed. They more than answered the call with an incredible version of this impressive luxury SUV.

What is S.E.E.D?

Adidas S.E.E.D. is the School for Experimental Education in Design. This is a program developed by Adidas to offer opportunities to talented designers in groups that normally wouldn’t receive these opportunities. An example of this was the composition of the entire inaugural class in 2020, which was entirely female creators.
This incredible design team put their heads together and came up with something that answers the question asked but also takes design to the next level. The Lexus SUV design is amazing and certainly worthy of being present at some of the biggest events for the new movie.

Amazing Style Found in this Special RX

The uniqueness of the 2023 Lexus RX or the new Black Panther movie is covered in diamond patterns and gold accents. Many might look at this incredible SUV and think it to be extremely dramatic, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? This new style hides the big grille of this hybrid SUV, which is also improved for this special model. Most of the time, these promotional models only focus on appearance upgrades and leave the performance features alone, but that’s not the case for the Adidas S.E.E.D. team and the Lexus they created.

The Interior Received Styling Upgrades Too

In some cases, the outside is all that’s changed to offer a promotional vehicle, but the design team took things much farther with this Lexus SUV. The interior upholstery receives special materials and unique patterns that resemble the interior. These amazing patterns offer stylish and well-themed changes to the seats, steering wheel, and door panels. The center console and door trim pieces receive the gold treatment, adding an amazing level of style to the mix. The door sill plate receives Wakanda letters, and the steering wheel says “Wakanda Forever” using the alphabet of this fictional country.

Can You Order this Special Lexus SUV?

No, the Wakanda-themed Lexus RX is not for sale. It should make the rounds at various events and then be put in a company storeroom or displayed as part of a museum display. The S.E.E.D. team also created a shirt. This shirt isn’t for sale, but it should be. Right now, a few influencers will receive the shirt, which uses the same Wakanda alphabet to offer the phrase “Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation,” which is certainly a strong message that holds a lot of meaning for the design team of this SUV.

Can You Buy this Version of the RX?

While you can’t order the Black Panther Lexus, you can enjoy driving this trim level. The RX 500h F Sport Performance AWD is one of the most exciting hybrid SUVs in the market. This vehicle isn’t made to save fuel, but it doesn’t guzzle the stuff, either.

The powertrain for this model of the RX is comprised of a 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor. As the name states, this SUV has standard AWD, and it pumps out 366 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. The sprint time to 60 mph is 5.9 seconds, which is impressive for a compact luxury SUV. The fuel mileage is 27 city/28 hwy mpg, making this an SUV that can be a lot of fun for many miles of wonderful driving.

Several Great Colors Offered

You won’t find the color palette of the special movie model, but the Lexus RX does come in several colors to make this SUV easy to drive and enjoy. Yes, you can have the black, white, or gray that so many drivers select, but you can also enjoy some other wonderful colors.

Some of these interesting hues are Caviar, Copper Crest, and Nori Green Pearl. There are also six available interior colors, including Macadamia, Peppercorn, and Rioja Red. Which color combination gives you what you want during your drive?

Your Phone Becomes Your Key in this Lexus

You won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket as you get close to your RX 500h; it senses that the phone is near and unlocks the vehicle. You can send a key to a friend to borrow your ride, but you might want to tell them to get their own; this is your performance-oriented luxury machine.

Expected Qualities of the 2023 Lexus RX

The RX has been one of the longest-running nameplates in the compact luxury SUV market. This SUV brings famously expected reliability to give you the drive you want and a vehicle that’s predictable. You’ll also enjoy an impressive cargo hold that measures 29.6 cubic feet behind the rear seats. This area is on par with other luxury SUVs in this same class.

Will You Find Excellent Style in the Cabin?

The interior of this Lexus SUV brings a full package of rich materials while offering a restrained design relative to some of the European models. You’ll love the roominess and the supportive seats.

The dashboard is dominated by a 14-inch high-definition touchscreen which offers excellent graphics and amazing response times. There’s also a new steering wheel with some cool functions. The RX is a comfortable, functional, and attractive compact luxury SUV to drive.

Will you Drive this Luxury SUV?

If you’re looking for reliability, quality, and plenty of excellent features, the 2023 Lexus RX is an amazing option. Sure, you can admire the Black Panther version designed by the Adidas S.E.E.D. team, but if you want that same look and performance, you’ll have to choose the 500h F Sport Performance AWD model at your local Lexus dealership.

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