If you want a large and luxurious sedan to enjoy driving, the Kia K900 should be on your list. While this car doesn’t come from your traditional luxury brands, it is a car that has all the characteristics you’re looking for when you get ready to take a drive. You’ll be amazed at the large size, impressive features, and smooth drive offered in the K900 that you’ll take for a drive. If you’re looking for a smooth drive and the quality features that are right for you, visit Kia and take the K900 for a drive.

Feel Superior in the K900

When visiting South Korea, the executive luxury car that’s used for their dignitaries to drive around is the Kia K900. That should be enough of a reason for you to choose this car as well, but if not, you’ll be pleased to see the wealth of standard luxury items, feel the smooth ride, and enjoy the seamless and silent flow of power as this car accelerates. Take a look at the K900 and let it offer you an improved surround-view monitor and the benefits of the Highway Driving Assist smart cruise control system which is standard.

This Kia is Poised for the Drive

Unlike many of the luxury cars in its class, the Kia K900 offers you AWD as part of the standard package. This system gives you an electronically controlled center coupling that pushes as much as 50 percent of the power to the front wheels when needed. When the road begins to turn and twist, this big car handles the drive perfectly with the use of the dynamics that are included and developed the right way. You’ll fee right when you step inside and take this impressive sedan for a drive today.

Get Lost in the K900 Cabin

There are so many luxury features and qualities of the Kia K900 cabin that you’ll get lost looking at everything offered. You’ll be glad to see the controls you want in the dashboard with buttons that give the functions you’re used to. The seats are covered in Nappa leather and you can have a rear-seat area that’s right for VIP passengers. In fact, the rear is so comfortable, you’ll want to hire a driver for the night when you want to take your significant other out for a fun time together.

Conservative Class from Kia

The style of the Kia K900 is one of the most conservative you’ll find in the full-size luxury market. This car looks handsome and stylish with lines and shapes that are timeless. You’ll be pleased to know that the enduring look isn’t complicated at all. The grille is an attractive feature with the cells that look to release the energy of the car up and across the hood. Enjoy the LED lights and the large wheels that make it easy to enjoy the ride. The rear does feature dual exhaust ports to give you a bit of a sporty finish to an elegant luxury car.

Enjoy the Features of the K900

When you’re ready to see the features of the Kia K900, you’ll have a long list to review. This car has the build you want, a set of Sachs dampers, the Highway Driving Assistant, the Drive Wise safety suite, smart cruise control, and radar steering. You’ll also find LED headlights and taillights, 19-inch wheels, a navigation system, leather upholstery, wood trim, a 17-speaker stereo system, an acoustic windshield, automatic rain-sensing wipers, a heated steering wheel, a head-up display, and a center rear armrest with integrated air-conditioning controls for the back.

A Few More Items from Kia

The standard package of the Kia K900 is so complete that there aren’t a lot of additions you can make to this car. The few options you can add include a 12.3-inch TFT gauge cluster, a premium headliner, a 14-way power passenger seat, vented outboard rear seats, tri-zone rear climate controls, a wireless rear charging system, and the VIP seating package. Add a few or all of these items to your K900 and let this car become the large luxury sedan that you want to drive and experience every day.

The Most for Your K900

Let’s talk about the VIP Rear-Seat Package and the 12.3-inch display of the Kia K900. The VIP package gives you the items mentioned and a set of heated and cooled power rear seats that are extremely comfortable for your drive. The 12.3-inch LCD instrument display offers you a screen that shows the blind area of the car that correlates with the side where the turn indicator is blinking. This view gives you a great way to see if there’s a potential danger in the lane you’re going to enter when you’re driving along in traffic.

Experience the Right Power from Kia

You’ll have one impressive powertrain for the Kia K900. While other large luxury sedans might give you several options, the Kia team created a comfortable car that’s pure luxury on wheels and gave it the right powertrain for the drive. This powertrain is made of a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. You’ll enjoy 365 horsepower, 376 lb.-ft. of torque, and 18 city/25 hwy mpg when you take this car for a drive. Feel the confidence and the power of this system that will take your big car down the road with ease.

You Want to Drive the K900

Even if you didn’t know that you wanted to drive the Kia K900, you do now. Put this car on your shortlist of luxury sedans that can be right for you to have the drive you want every day. The Kia team didn’t pull any punches with this glorious sedan and brought you the list of features you want in a fantastic standard package. If you let them show you how easy it can be for you to afford a fantastic luxury car, the team at your Kia dealer will help you find the right K900 to take home today.

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