Smooth Elegance in the BMW 7 Series

It’s hard to take your view away from the 2020 BMW 7 Series. This large and luxurious car has everything you could ask for.

The luxury features you’re looking for are present and the dynamic and athletic driving personality you expect from BMW is ready to give you the drive you’re looking for. This flagship sedan is polarizing and ready to give you the drive that will make you smile whether you’re heading out for a gallon of milk or you’re taking a cruise in the countryside on the weekend.

Look at the Upgraded Style of this BMW

When you see the newest version of the BMW 7 Series, you’re going to see a large upright grille that makes this car look bolder than in the past. You’ll see a fully digital instrument cluster, customizable displays, quad-zone climate controls, and quilted Nappa leather as items that you can choose for a higher level of comfort in the cabin. Every powertrain of this car has more power and the plug-in hybrid version has both more power and more electric range to give you the distance you want to enjoy when you get behind the wheel.

Check Out the Seats in the BMW 7 Series

This impressive BMW sedan is offered with a Luxury Rear Seat Package. This package gives you the opulent luxury feeling you want when you decide to let someone else drive your car. You’ll find power-adjustable heated rear seats and armrests with three levels of heat and eight types of massaging for the rear area of the car. These rear seats are also ventilated and you’ll have power footrests, a rear-seat entertainment system, and a seven-inch touchscreen controller for the back of the car.

A Larger Hybrid Car

The BMW 7 Series is a large car that can be the right one for you to drive. Even so, if you’re trying to save some money on the fuel costs, you may want to choose the BMW 745e plug-in hybrid model to enjoy. This model gives you a 12-kWh lithium-ion battery pack to give you a more electric range than in the past. Of course, this is a BMW model, which means you want athleticism and the hybrid model is faster than it was in the past to make it easy for you to show off what this car has for the drive.

Choose this BMW 7 Series Today

If you’re looking for a car that reaches the top of the luxury market to give you the smooth and elegant driving experience you want, the BMW 7 Series will be the right car for you. Let your nearby BMW dealership show you how this car can offer you the elegant features you want, the athletic drive you’ve been after, and the pure luxury that comes with a sophisticated car. You’re going to be pleased with how easy it is to make the BMW 7 Series the car that you drive.

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