Honda Chase Scene

Everyone loves a good movie. Great plots, stunning characters, beautiful scenery, what could be better? So many movies have scenes that require cars, but choosing a car can be tricky. Directors know exactly what they want when they select a car, what isn’t surprising is that Hondas appear in hundreds if not thousands of movies. With a great history of car lineups, there is a car or truck that fits every film director’s needs.

Where can we find Hondas in the movies? In the 1980’s, there are epic films that will be remembered forever. Films like Karate Kid 2 featured the Honda S800 Cabriolet AS800, Magnum PI sported the Honda 600 Sedan, while The Terminator chose to debut the 1970 Honda 600. Who can forget Fatal Attraction, whose director chose the 1986 Accord for their film. The 1980’s also had many films overseas that highlighted the Honda in their martial arts films and other epic films.

1990 brought about a whole new genre of films. The cult classic Pulp Fiction starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson shows scenes with them driving the 1980 Honda Civic. The Mothman Prophecies with Richard Gere opted for the 1990 CRX, while True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger chose the 1986 CRX. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead starring Christina Applegate fittingly features the 1980 Accord for their film as well.

Enter the 2000’s. There is no doubt why the director of the Fast and The Furious chose to use the Honda Civic Coupe EJ1 in their movie. The sporty car is fast and furious! Marley and Me, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson uses the 1988 Honda Accord as their family car, and The Haunting uses the 1999 Accord. Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, The Bounty Hunter shows her driving the Honda Fit, while in The Walk of Shame starring Elizabeth Banks has her losing her 1996 Accord in the film. Finally, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones has their characters driving an Accord, while Almost Famous has their cast drive the 1971 600 Coupe.

With Honda’s history of great vehicles, it is plain to see why so many films over the decades have chosen to feature Honda’s cars and trucks in their movies. From the 1980’s to the 2000’s, there are so many movies that have star casts driving around in Hondas because it is a great vehicle. Hondas will continue to be featured in blockbuster hits from now into the future because it will be around as long as the rubber still hits the pavement.

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