If you want a midsize pickup truck that has the power and the accessories you want already built into one amazing package, the new 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison is the truck that comes as a complete model for you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that can be added to this truck to be the drive you want on the road. The Bison is a trim that takes the ZR2 model and upgrades it with items from American Expedition Vehicles to give this truck the power and the fun you want to have on the trails.

The Right Power in the Bison

There are two engines for you to choose from when you want to drive the Colorado Bison. The gasoline engine is a 3.6-liter V6 model that gives you 306 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque that’s attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. If you want diesel power, the 2.8-liter engine is offered to give you 186 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque that’s attached to a six-speed automatic transmission for the drive. You’ll have up to 22 mpg on the highway with the diesel and up to 18 mpg on the highway with the gasoline model.

Trail Equipment You’ll Use in the ZR2 Bison

The Colorado ZR2 Bison offers you some of the most serious features for your trail riding. You’ll find Boron steel skid plates that are much stronger than the standard units to keep the underside of the truck protected. This truck is equipped with steel bumpers with the front bumper ready to receive a winch (one of the few accessories you might have to buy), and rock rails help to protect the sides and the truck bed. You can add a snorkel to the mix to have a truck that offers the cleanest air possible in the engine when you drive.

The ride of the Bison is done with a set of AEV-spec wheels and off-road tires that make this an extremely capable off-road truck. The equipment you find in the standard ZR2 is also present which means you have front and rear lockers, a trick DSSV spool valve suspension setup, and the leaf spring rear suspension to give you the toughness expected when you hit a bump on the trails. All these items make the ZR2 Bison a truck that’s packed with the qualities you want on the trails you love to drive.

Trail Riding with Confidence from Chevrolet

When you take the Colorado ZR2 Bison off the paved roads to handle the dirt and gravel trails, it does so with ease. The smooth feeling you have on the highways is just as smooth out on the trails and across the bumps that you might run into when you drive. The steering is responsive and easy to admire when you drive on and off the road, this makes it a joy for you to take this truck and find the trails that will challenge the features that are included in this truck.

What Makes the Bison Worth It?

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is a truck that’s equipped extremely well and gives you plenty of off-road qualities, so why should you spend more for the Bison? The reason to get this truck is the added protection you have. The skid plates and rock rails make a huge difference as does the steel bumpers that you have for the drive you make on the rocks and boulders. With this truck, you can ride on almost every trail area and know that this truck won’t flinch at all when you bump into rocks and other items on the trail.

Is the Bison Right for You

If you spend a lot of time riding up the side of hills, going over rocks, trying to ride over downed trees, and just playing in the wilderness, the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison is the perfect choice for you. This truck has the added protection and enhancements you need to get out on the trails and know that you’re going to have the drive that makes a lot of sense. Visit your nearby Chevrolet dealer and ask about the toughness you can enjoy in the Bison model that you want to take home today.

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