Gorilla Glass Ford GT

The Ford GT is one of the most talked about cars of the year and it’s not even on the road yet.  This all started last January when the GT stole the show in Detroit as a car that was unexpected but showed up in concept mode as a car that would soon be produced.  The Ford GT brings back a name that invokes a technologically advanced power machine that can be one of the top sports cars on the road and now it shows up with yet another piece of what this dynamic beauty will be built with.

The windshield of the GT will use a feature we are all familiar with and enjoy in the form of Gorilla Glass.  The use of Gorilla Glass has made a name for itself when used on smartphones around the globe to be the toughest and most protective glass for our phones.  The idea to use this glass for the windshield was an obvious one, if it’s good enough to keep smartphones from being destroyed on a regular basis with all the drops and falls we put our phones through, it certainly would be the right choice for the windshield of this new super car.

Another benefit of the Gorilla Glass, other than being tough is that it is much lighter than your typical safety glass used in most windshields.  This paired with the carbon fiber construction of the car create a car that is much lighter than it would be with other materials being used.  Add in the advanced active aerodynamics and the expectation is the GT will be one of the fastest cars on the track when it finally does make its way to market sometime in the next year.

The development of the Gorilla Glass was a joint venture between Ford and Corning to create a windshield that is thirty percent lighter than but still just as tough as the ones made with traditional glass.  The result of this pairing is a windshield that is three layers with the Gorilla Glass as the inner layer, a thermoplastic adhesive for the middle layer and annealed soda lime glass on the outside.  The overall result of using this glass for both the windshield and the rear engine cover is a weight savings of twelve pounds or about 32 percent for the two panels.

Not only is this glass lighter, but its fifty percent thinner than traditional glass.  The Gorilla Glass parts will actual offer better strength than any other glass and be the right choice for this amazing supercar.  This was not the first time Gorilla Glass as the Ford/Corning team tried it out on the Fusion MMLV (Multi-Material Lightweight Vehicle) concept car, but the Ford GT will be the first time the glass is used on a production model.

Yes, we see another amazing feature of what will be an awesome car when it arrives in showrooms and on dealer lots in the near future as the halo car we all want to drive but only a few will be able to afford.  For the rest of us, we get to admire the GT from afar and enjoy the marvel this master is.

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