2015 BMW i3

The BMW i3 comes into 2015 with only a very small change from the 2015 which is a price increase of $1,050. Those of you who bought the 2014 model might be wiping your brows in relief of dodging this bullet, but wait. The real difference is the 2015 model is equipped with the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) DC quick charge receptacle, satellite radio and heated seats as standard equipment for 2015 where the 2014 offered the CCS as a $700 option. Adding the other two parts would easily bring the price up to the hiked price on the 2014 model which means there isn’t much of a change after all, simply putting more equipment in as standard fare.

Adding the range extender to the i3 the price will come in around $47,200 with the base model starting out at $43,350. The range extender give the i3 a modified version of the motorcycle engine which uses a 2.3-gallon tank giving the i3 a 186 mile range instead of the 81 miles that will be achieved on a full charge without the range extender. Either model of the i3 offers 170 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque to enjoy with amazing efficiency to seriously enjoy.

Because of the addition of the CCS as standard on the i3 and the use of this technology on many BMW and Volkswagen vehicles the two have partnered together to offer many express charging corridors along the East and West coast of the U.S. which is the most densely populated areas and most likely the parts of the country these cars will show up and be used. This plan will put 100 DC fast chargers along the two north/south Interstates, I-5 and I-95 to allow owners of these cars the ability to charge their cars quickly to leave the confines of the city they live in.

If you have somehow missed the BMW spots that used to show up at the Super Bowl every year which ended four years ago, you will be absolutely ecstatic with the knowledge you will see the BMW i3 come back in this year’s Super Bowl to entertain and amaze us once again. Keep your eyes open to see what the i3 will be showing off on your TV during the most watched game of the entire year and let the i3 show you why you should have one of your own.

Whether you want a new BMW i3 to be your daily driver and enjoy the many new charging station along the coasts of the country, or you want to see how amazing this car is during the Super Bowl the reality is the BMW i3 will offer you a dynamic experience in a car that can be all-electric or one that is equipped with a range extender. Whichever way you choose to take your i3 the only important part is you do see the value in a car that can run on pure electric power and offer a great range in the city for those of you who are city dwellers or allow a bit of longer ride with the extended range to give a nice highway drive as well.

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