Ford GT Reveal

When Ford unleashed its own surprise at the Detroit Auto Show in January, showing off the new Ford GT sports car that is simply an amazing machine that looks sleek, stylish, fast, gorgeous and simply ready to take to the track we thought that might be all they were going to give us this year. Quite honestly, that would have been plenty, a new sports car built with the name that was synonymous with Ford Racing for such a long and storied time in racing history. Now it seems the Ford GT might take on a whole new face and create an even bigger buzz.

Talks are already happening to lead us to believe the Ford GT might just turn up at LeMans with additions and tuning from Forza to make a car that will seriously scream around the tracks of the world and take the racing world by storm. Seeing a Ford GT done up with Forza trimming will just make the other cars at LeMans all turn green with envy (not really) and be ready to forfeit the race to the Ford GT, which should show up as one of the most powerful cars on the track.

While Ford is keeping a tight lid on this project, mostly because it’s currently only in its earliest design stages, some have already sketched out (on computer of course) what the GT would look like when prepared for LeMans and it so far looks just as awesome as the car did when it stole the show in Detroit earlier in the year. The racing version shows off a very different appearance than the production model, and every inch of the sketch looks like it’s ready to race and help with either downforce or aerodynamics to help the car go even faster.

In the sketch version the front end is longer with a wide front grill port to suck in a ton of air. The sides are beveled and beefed outward to create a stable downforce and still be aerodynamic while allowing a great deal of air through the sides. The rear spoiler is huge an designed to keep the back end fully planted on the ground, giving the driver a great deal more control than ever before. With all the added Forza racing features, the GT will be a formidable opponent and shows off an absolutely gorgeous appearance just in the sketch.

Even though it’s only a concept so far, the idea of a Ford GT on a LeMans track is an exciting thought to entertain. Even more fun to entertain is the look and design of the sketched out GT that could prowl the tracks of the world. Unfortunately, because this is still in the idea/maybe phase of design, there aren’t any real thoughts as to what the engine might be that powers the GT on the track, but you can be sure that engine will simply be awesome and ready to take on the competition.

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