The Dodge Dart made its first appearance at a Chrysler Car show in 1956 with a streamlined body. This ultimately became the Dart Diablo, and the production version of the Dart arrived on Dodge dealer lots as a full-size sedan with an affordable price tag. The Dart saw some changes over the years, and with its declining sales, Dodge finally ended production of the Dart in 2016. Take a look at what happened to the Dodge Dart.

The First-Generation Dodge Dart

The 1960 and 1961 Dodge Dart was a full-size model based on the Chrysler Plymouth. Many people don’t know that the Dart almost wasn’t the Dart; Chrysler spent a lot of time researching names and came up with the name Zipp. Thankfully, they agreed that the Dodge Zipp wouldn’t work and named it the Dart. The first-generation Dart was wildly popular and had phenomenal sales. It was a low-end model that families could afford, and drivers loved it. Once it arrived, they flocked to their Dodge dealer to snatch them up. The only problem was that it became a big competitor for the Plymouth.

The Second-Generation Dart

The 1962 Dart is the only year of the second generation. This was the only generation to ride on Chrysler’s B-body platform. This was a lightweight platform that provided excellent handling and braking. In spite of this platform’s popularity, they used it for only one year with the Dart.


The Fifth-Generation Dodge Dart

In 2013 Dodge introduced the fifth generation Dart. This version looked much different than the original, with a more modern design. It offered a choice of three four-cylinder engines, with the base powertrain getting 160 horsepower. The R/T models came with a more potent 184 horsepower engine, but there was also a turbo four-cylinder gas engine that put out 160 horsepower. The turbo had more torque and better acceleration, and drivers who enjoyed the feel of a manual transmission could get the six-speed manual, but a six-speed automatic was also available. Dodge offered the 2013 Dart in five trim levels. The top-of-the-line Limited has automatic headlights, power-adjustable and heated side mirrors, and ambient LED interior lighting. If you like a sporty ride, the Rallye has dual exhaust tips, projector fog lights, and audio controls right on the steering wheel.


The Last Year of the Dart

The 2016 model year was the last production year of the Dart. This model year had some modern technology, including a touch screen and multimedia system. One of the issues with the latest Dart was the number of options available. While this may seem like a good problem, it was difficult to purchase because you had to sit at the Dodge dealer and work your way through options and packages to get features. While it was huge in its early years as a full and mid-size car, the newer generation Dodge Dart just didn’t seem to have the same following. And with the growing popularity of SUVs and pickup trucks, the small Dart had trouble competing.

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