The Nissan Frontier has kept a similar profile so long that it’s almost eligible to vote. Frontier lovers have been waiting nearly 17 years for an updated overhaul. That’s the longest any model has gone without a significant upgrade. The wait is over, and no one is quite ready for what Nissan is bringing to the table. The newest Nissan Frontier was definitely worth the wait.

What Is the Nissan Frontier?

The Nissan Frontier is one of the only Nissan trucks on the road today. It’s kind of like the younger brother of the Titan, another popular Nissan pickup truck. The Frontier first hit the streets in 2005 and has only had minor changes since its original appearance. Even with a decade and a half-year-old design, the Nissan Frontier was widely popular as a work truck. In 2019 alone, Nissan sold almost 70,000 models with similar results for 2020. One can only imagine what will happen when the redesign is finally released.

The Spirituality of Adventure


Nissan described the new Frontier’s appearance with a mysterious phrase: “the spirituality of adventure.” While that may not tell us much, we do know that this pickup will have a more aerodynamic feel, upgraded wheels, and more. Most experts agree that the Frontier will take on some of the more practical and expressive elements of its big brother, the Titan. That could include updated headlights, grille, and more. We also know that some of the key elements of the original Frontier will carry over as well.

Updated Performance

While we may not know everything about the Frontier’s facelift, we do know what’s going to be under the hood. This improved pickup will come with a 3.8-liter V6 paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. You’ll enjoy 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque, specs that outshine the previous version. Another benefit of this much-needed update is the greater fuel economy. While the exact numbers aren’t known just yet, we’re certain that they will beat the current 20 mpg combined we see on the 2020 model.

What Will It Cost?

It’s unclear what to expect on pricing, but there is enough evidence to make a solid guess. The 2019 Frontier starts at $19,290. There are expectations that the updated version will have a pretty significant price increase. Based on some early numbers discovered by CarsDirect, we can expect a starting price somewhere in the area of $26,000. While this price tag will push the base-level Frontier above the opening prices of the Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and Ford Ranger, it will still be competitive. These other models may be less expensive to start, but they also only come with a four-cylinder engine instead of the Frontier’s V6. Keep tabs on the Nissan Frontier’s long-awaited facelift by contacting your local Nissan dealer. Get ready to celebrate because this pickup is going to break the internet with pictures, videos, and reviews when it finally hits the road.


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