Now the 1LE

Now the 1LE

The amazing power that Chevrolet has added to the Camaro to bring us the ZL1 package at a speed that we admire and the ability it carries has been nothing short of stunning for the vehicle that you want to drive and enjoy on any track. This 650 horsepower power machine has all the goodies you want when you’re ready to drive a car that’s full of the aero you need and offers the ability to take on many of the European models that have been admired for many years and it can certainly compete at the regular ZL1 level.

The ZL1 came out to prove its mettle a year ago at Nurburgring and made its way around Green Hell and ripped around the track in a time of 7:29.60 which allowed this car to be one of the fastest runs ever made by an American made car. This still left smiles on the faces of those automakers that have been building supercars for years that we admire and enjoy seeing as they crush the records set by other automakers or even beat their own records on a regular basis. While this run by the Chevrolet Camaro was fast, it wasn’t one that would make these automakers feel threatened.

Changing to the run of this year with the new Camaro ZL1 1LE package on the track the smiles that were in place in the past turned to worried looks that made us aware that the European brands were now feeling the heat. The new ZL1 1LE is a track-focused version of the Camaro that makes it right for you to have the superpower and the super dynamics on the track and be able to rip around Nurburgring in a way that would leave many others in the dust.

What differences are made for this package? The new 1LE adds more aerodynamics with a huge rear wing, a massive front splitter, and impressive dive planes. There is also a Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spool-Valve (DSSV) Dampers that have come from the Z/28 to help make this car amazing on the track. In addition to these items, the 1LE model is 60 pounds lighter than the ZL1 model and it is able to ride of impressive Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar rubber tires to give this car as much as 1.10g of lateral grip to make this the car that could rip around Nurburgring even faster than the typical ZL1.

How much faster was this car around the track? This beast made its way to be three seconds faster around the Milford road course over the standard ZL1 but that track is only 2.9 miles long. The track at Nurburgring is 12.9 miles in length which means it could be even faster than you think. Take a look at the video below and see how and why the European automakers are paying close attention to this car and how fast it was around their home track. It’s not often you see a run around this track like this.

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