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There’s an important reason that both car dealers and their car buying customers should love Lotlinx. The pure transparency of cutting out the middle man is good for both buyer and seller when it comes to listings on 3rd party websites.

What many people do not know when shopping third party sites like AOL Autos is that they aren’t necessarily contacting the dealership that has the car they want when they fill out a contact form. The inventory of the majority of dealers get listed on dozens, even hundreds of 3rd party websites. When people do a search on these websites and click on a vehicle that they might be interested in, they expect to contact the dealership that has that vehicle. It’s not always the case.

These leads are often sold to OEMs, lead-selling vendors, and other dealers that have similar vehicles to the one that the customer originally wanted. While this gives them choices, it’s not the expectation. If they fill out a form for a particular vehicle, they expect that their information is given to the business that owns the vehicle.

This is where Lotlinx “cuts out the middle man” and brings the shopper directly to the vehicle details page on the dealership’s website. Once there, the shopper gets the opportunity to work with the dealership that has the vehicle they want. The leads aren’t sold or shared with other parties because the lead forms are on the dealership’s site itself.

Dealerships that subscribe to Lotlinx vehicle advertising take their listings on over 130 websites and point those listings directly to their inventory. Rather than having a lead form on those 3rd party sites, the shopper traffic is driven to the vehicle details page of the inventory item the shopper selected.

This model is much more transparent than the common “cost per lead” model that many dealers, vendors, and OEMs use. It gives the customers what they want and gives the dealerships exclusive reach to the shoppers that want to buy their cars. With Lotlinx, it’s a win-win.

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