2014 Kia Cadenza

Even though the Kia Cadenza doesn’t quite fit into the full-size sedan class or the premium sedan class it straddles both with quality and ease. Offering a bevy of great features that might even shoot this beauty into a luxury class the Cadenza makes a statement that is making the competition cringe and head back to the drawing board to keep up. As the priciest Kia on the market the Korean automaker has loaded this great car full of fun and features to offer owners a great value for their money. Competing in a class that includes the Nissan Maxima, Acura TLX, Toyota Avalon and Hyundai Azera the Cadenza has a huge mark to reach and as a fairly new offering has done a great job of reaching very high up the scale.

Offering a sportier look and roomier interior than much of the competition, the Cadenza is all new for 2014. Many shoppers may shy away from the Kia name, thinking all they make are discount vehicles, but they would be mistaken and will be pleasantly surprised as they step into the Cadenza. Equipped with some of the subtle shortcomings found when new cars are released, the Cadenza offers a comfortable and smooth ride, but not one that is ready to take on canyon roads. With a well-designed suspension and capable handling the ride is easy to enjoy and when competing in the large sedan class comfort is usually more important than sporty handling.

Under the hood a powerful 3.3-liter V6 engine is housed that offers 293 horsepower and 255 lb.-ft. of torque; giving plenty of power to the car to easily make speed quickly and pass without breaking a sweat on the highway. When put together with the six-speed automatic transmission the car offers a nice fuel economy of 19 city/28 hwy mpg. This allows for owners to really enjoy both a good supply of power and a decent fuel efficiency that is not always found in larger sedans.

With a fantastic and exquisitely designed all-black dashboard and soft and comfortable materials throughout the entire cabin the Cadenza will encourage many fans of competition to change their minds. Offering plenty of space for all passengers of the vehicle the seats are comfortable and all controls are easy to find and pleasant to use. Add to all the comfort a massive trunk that can handle the golf bags of an entire foursome to take the guys out and really enjoy the links.

From outside the vehicle the look is all sport and superior styling. With long elegant lines, sweeping curves and beautiful angles all across the vehicle the Cadenza is an amazing car to look at from every angle. Add to the lines and curves is the front grill that smiles at the road as it gobbles it up and spits it out the back end with ease. Finishing off the look of pure sport and luxury style are the multi-spoked geometrically enhanced wheels that are very unique to this car and offer a set of the most interesting wheels on the road today. Overall, if a shopper hasn’t checked out the Cadenza, once they do they won’t want to see anything else.

The Cadenza comes standard with a massive amount of features for everyone to enjoy. The long list includes keyless entry, push button start, leather seating, an eight-inch display, a navigation system, a 550-watt 12-speaker audio system with Satellite radio and auxiliary ports, Bluetooth connectivity, UVO eService, voice-activated infotainment capabilities, and a full complement of airbags to keep everyone safe. All this packaged into one stylish vehicle can get many the car shopper excited to embrace the Kia nameplate.

Optional offerings for the Cadenza can bring in smooth Nappa leather, an LCD gauge cluster, a ventilated driver’s seat, Advanced Smart Cruise Control, a panoramic moon roof, and many other features to enjoy. Anyone who spends the additional money to add the Luxury and Technology packages the interior can go from the sporty and smooth black to a high-class white of the Nappa leather, making quite a highly refined looking car on the inside and turning the ride to complete and elegant luxury.

With all the features on the Cadenza the starting price might be expected to begin around $50,000 but instead comes in at $35,900 which is seriously affordable for a large sedan with all the luxury and sport stylings offered in the Cadenza. Add the premium packages and all the features available and the price still only reaches up to $41,900, which is still a great deal for a car that has the elegant white Nappa leather and a massive quantity of great equipment to enjoy.

At a very affordable price and full of great features for any owner to enjoy the only drawback to the Kia Cadenza is the Kia name. Any shopper who is looking for a great premium sedan and maybe wants one that offers a sportier and more powerful engine should certainly take a venture to the Kia showroom and see what they have to offer. What they find they just might pleasantly surprise them.

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