Do you clean under the hood?

Do you clean under the hood?

While most of us don’t pop the hood of our vehicles unless there seems to be something wrong or we want to top off the fluids, it’s not a bad idea at all to make sure this area of your car is cleaned on at least an occasional basis. If you own a high-priced sports car you might be asked to pop the hood more often than if you drive a simple midsized sedan and you don’t want to be embarrassed by the mess that can be found under the hood in the engine bay of your car.

One of the biggest questions when you consider how and what you should and can clean under the hood is dealing with the sensitive components. You certainly don’t want to short out electronics by spraying them with water and you won’t want to have any chemicals get into the engine components that don’t belong there. This is an area the feels like it could be tedious and difficult for you to clean and make neat again, but in reality, it’s not difficult at all and ChrisFix can show you how to get the job done right in the video you see below.

As you watch the video, you’ll be amazed at the inexpensive tools he uses and the supplies that you can easily pick up to get this job done. There are specific steps involved in the process of detailing the engine and when you’re done, you’re going to have a clean engine that you can be proud of and won’t even mind eating off of (although putting food in your engine will probably cause a bigger mess than what you started with). The cleaning of an engine can be done and it has a real purpose in the maintenance of your vehicle.

Whether you have a model that you take to car shows to let others see or you simply want to have your engine clean and looking like it should, this video can help. Not only does the host demonstrate how to maintain a clean engine once you have one, he takes you through the steps of cleaning engines that are in a variety of states of dirtiness to make it easier for you to understand how and what you need to clean to get that fresh look as if your engine came directly from the dealership.

There are tons of videos from Chris Fix online regarding how to clean the outside of your car or the interior, but there aren’t very many at all that tell you how to clean under the hood. You can take your vehicle to a detail shop and pay them to do the job, or you can spend a lot less money and spend some time with your car as you clean under the hood and let the car that you love to drive thank you with many more years of excellent performance on the road. This is an important and often overlooked part of vehicle maintenance that you should perform to keep your car running and looking its best.


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