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The New Vehicles Our Neighbors to the North Admire

The New Vehicles Our Neighbors to the North Admire

For the most part, Canadians drive the same cars we do in the US. However, some are more popular there than others. With this in mind, it’s interesting to see what models are rated to be some of the best to drive on the roads […]

Well Designed and Understated With a Host of Safety: 2015 Volvo S80

The 2015 Volvo S80 comes in the luxury sedan class having to compete against offerings from Lexus, Audi and BMW. Usually the Volvo is overlooked, but serious car shoppers need to take a good long look at the S80; once behind the wheel they will […]

Top 10 SUVs with Great Gas Mileage

When looking for a great SUV, fuel efficiency can be very important. The cumbersome vehicles lumber down the road and in many cases doesn’t offer any fuel efficiency to speak of. When looking in the Luxury SUV class this can be even more important to […]