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2017 Lincoln Continental: Back to the Top

2017 Lincoln Continental: Back to the Top

When you hear the name Lincoln Continental a smile has to immediately cross your face. This name along brings back thoughts of the large, comfortable and impressive flagship models from Lincoln of the past. This car has returned for the 2017 model year to retake […]

2017 Lincoln MKZ: Comfortable Luxury in the Right Size

It’s no secret that Lincoln has taken a different stance on luxury than everyone else. While BMW and Cadillac battler it out for the best drives, Mercedes-Benz has the polished style, Volvo has safety licked, Audi offers the finest interiors and Lexus shows up with […]

Being Disrespected

Should all cars receive respect on the market? Not at all, some don’t have the versatility to be able to fit into several places on the market, but some have enough of what we need to be a great car to buy and enjoy. While […]

Sometimes it Pays to be the Bad Guy

Watching movies and television shows often has us rooting for the good guys as they struggle through some sort of conflict to eventually come out on top, but at times it could be a lot of fun to be the bad guy or to root […]