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Car of the Year Contenders You Should See

Car of the Year Contenders You Should See

Whether it’s for a single site or for the entire automotive market, having a vehicle considered for a car of the year award is a big deal. The team at has chosen a few excellent models that can be considered for the 2018 Car […]

Finally! It’s Here!

The automotive world has been one that has experienced delays in a way that others haven’t. Most of the time a delay in the automotive world causes moans and groans, but is somewhat expected, especially when the delay is for a much anticipated model that […]

How Could They Leave Us Out?

Do you want a small luxury hatchback to drive? The number of hatchbacks that come from luxury and exotic automakers that are sold in the US tells us we really don’t want to spend more for a small car. That is unfortunate because Alfa Romeo […]

What is Coming from Alfa Romeo?

The two door coupe of the Alfa Romeo 4C was a head turner for several years and has been a sports car that sits well near the top of the luxury sports car world.  As one of the premier names in the world, Alfa Romeo […]

A European Sports Car Comparison

Taking a drive in either the Alfa Romeo 4C or Porsche Cayman offers a precisely controlled driving feeling that allows you to traverse the various road and elevation changes offered throughout the beautiful continent of Europe. The only thing missing from this drive comparison is […]