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The New Vehicles Our Neighbors to the North Admire

The New Vehicles Our Neighbors to the North Admire

For the most part, Canadians drive the same cars we do in the US. However, some are more popular there than others. With this in mind, it’s interesting to see what models are rated to be some of the best to drive on the roads […]

The Right Choice

The Right Choice

When you’re looking for the used car that you want to drive, a vehicle that’s been leased and turned in could be the right choice for you. This usually means you can find a vehicle that has relatively low miles on the odometer and will […]

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Everyone talks about driving in the snow or ice and how dangerous it can be, but very few people recognize that similar hazards exist from driving in the rain. Rain has been named one of the top causes of car accidents, especially when the weather […]

Supercars that Aren’t Talked About

We know about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and even McLaren. These four are supercar companies that stay at the top or near the top of our lists at all times but what we forget about are some of the other companies in the world that are […]

Defining Funky and Utility in a Practical Way

When you make a vehicle it doesn’t have to conform to every idea of what that vehicle should be. That has been the ongoing statement from many automakers who love to create some of the funkiest models for us to enjoy. The beauty of these […]

Cool Car Spotlight: MKIV Supra with ADV.1 Wheels

Most cars start to appreciate in value after three or four decades. The MKIV Supra started becoming popular and gaining in value almost immediately after being discontinued by Toyota. Here’s a nice picture of one found on Reddit. You can also read more about it […]

Iconic Cars And What They Went For At Auction

Car collectors and those who just love nostalgic vehicles are always looking for a deal. Many iconic vehicles and classic cars are sold at auction. Some may be there to raise money for charity, and some car owners may be looking to make a buck, […]

Bringing Back the Elegance of Large Luxury Sedan Driving

Cadillac is trying to seriously take over the luxury car industry by offering something awesome in each and every category. As part of a $12 billion investment program that will showcase eight new vehicles from now to 2020, Cadillac is heading down a bold path […]

2015 Hyundai Azera: A Mid-Sized Luxury Sedan at an Affordable Price

Hyundai seems to be reshaping the auto world by putting more features in their cars for a better price than most of the competition. The Azera is no exception to this rule for Hyundai and enters the market as a mid-sized luxury sedan at a […]

What to Do with the GT

When Ford unleashed its own surprise at the Detroit Auto Show in January, showing off the new Ford GT sports car that is simply an amazing machine that looks sleek, stylish, fast, gorgeous and simply ready to take to the track we thought that might […]